Registry for Charity

The charitable bride side of us continues: sign up for a registry that will donate your a percentage of your guests’ purchases to a charity. No effort on your part, especially since you will likely register at one of the participating stores anyways. Win-win! It’s called the I Do Foundation. Check out who participates and make your wedding registry into good cause! Informing your guests will make them happier for their purchase…and perhaps encourage them to spend a little more….don’t you wish! :)

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  2. Sonya says:

    My husband and I used Zankyou’s gift registry which is online and more in the form of a cash registry but the good thing is it lets you register for ANYTHING that you want, including charities. So you can set up a gift for your honeymoon and a separate fund for say UNICEF. It was pretty flexible in that way.

  3. Christine says:

    @Sonya – Thank for letting us know! Zankyou recently reached out to us so I will have to follow-up with them.

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