Confessions of a Korean Wedding Planner

I wrote this article for an online Korean magazine and got lots of good feedback about the topic. I thought that the Big Fat Cake community would also be interested. I’m including only a trailer so you’ll have to go to KonnectMagazine to read the rest.

Can you relate to these weird nuances from your culture? Share with us!

The article trailer begins here:

Being part of many weddings, I’ve seen the unique differences among traditions, but some through funny cultural quirks. If you’re Korean but you hire a non-Korean wedding planner or coordinator, there are several things you may want to tell them, maybe even warn them about. If you’re not Korean but you can relate to these quirks, you can empathize with me….or maybe there’s some Korean in your blood, too.

Yes, Koreans are weird. Just admit it. But everyone has their own quirks. Hopefully this list doesn’t offend you, and if it does, you are part of the guilty party! But there’s no shame in it. And I say top 5 here because the list could go on and on. Share this list with your coordinator and you’ll be good to go!

  1. Late start – Invitations say ceremony at 4pm? Try 4:30 or even 5:00. The larger the wedding, the later it starts. You cannot stop the large droves of people that will show up between 4:00-4:20. And if you try to stop them before the bride walks down, they will let themselves in and try to beat the bride down the aisle.  It’s difficult to argue with wedding guests that are on Seoul time.
  2. Centerpiece thieves – Asian people love free. Did you say, “free?” These table centerpieces are better than gold. Don’t use items in the centerpiece that you will miss when they get snagged by all the tiger mom’s in the room. If the venue provides centerpieces, you may want to warn them that they won’t get all of their items back.
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4 Responses to Confessions of a Korean Wedding Planner

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  2. Weddings are always joyous things when they happen, and this should be no different in Korea. Still the perspective is interesting and I enjoyed it. Thanks!

  3. Christine says:

    @Wedding Planner – Thanks for your comment. I should clarify that my perspective is Korean-American and not Korean from Korea. And yes, Korean-American weddings can still be joyous despite the funny nuances.

  4. jinchang says:

    hope nice season for this, according to

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