Wedding Guests Too Hoochy?

Is our dress code unacceptable for weddings? Express your thoughts.

On the radio show this morning (I wish I had a link!), they mentioned that wedding coordinators are bringing shawls (scarfs to cover-up for our male audience) so that women can cover their shoulders during the ceremony. Words that were used were “hooker” and “trampy.” Some brides are putting the dress code on the invitation to make clear that they don’t want hooker-style outfits at the ceremony.

I do have to admit, I’ve noticed more women dressed like they’re ready to hit the club. It’s okay for the reception, but I understand if a bride doesn’t want their guests to look like that during the ceremony. And I could see someone say that about me, but I’m also conservative enough to wear a cover-up during the ceremony. It’s a simple solution to me: wear a shawl during the ceremony.

Have you noticed a trend? Are you guilty of it? 

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One Response to Wedding Guests Too Hoochy?

  1. Larry Green says:

    Getting married and married life is about a whole lot more than showing your “ready to hit the club” and wearing wild and alluring clothes. Listen, I’m older, and old school too, but maybe you concur. Too much skin can be a distraction. The ceremony’s about real love. The lasting kind. The deep kind. I guess I should really speak for myself, but I for one could find my mind wandering from what the officiant is referring to regarding the real deal, when amidst ladies who are revealing a little more than a modest degree of feminine charm. Sure. Cover up. Thanks.

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