Welcome Baskets

Photo Source: Kate Parker Weddings

Do you have a lot of out-of-town guests at your wedding? Especially if you have a hotel room block, you could consider providing a welcome bag/basket to each hotel room. You can ask the hotel check-in counter folks to provide a bag/basket to your guests at check-in. I’m helping two different friends with their welcome baskets and I find that there are some common items. These two friends are in different cities so there are items specific to the city, but here are some items to consider for your welcome bag/basket:

  • water bottle
  • $5 gift card to Starbucks or local coffee shop
  • mints or gum
  • little pastries from a local pastry shop (macaroons, mini-cupcakes, cookies, etc)
  • snacks that won’t melt and don’t need a refrigerator (pretzels perhaps)
  • local alcohol or coffee
  • transportation info for your wedding
  • transportation info for the city/venue (subway map, taxi numbers, etc)
  • invitation to rehearsal dinner
  • invitation to after-wedding brunch
  • list of lunch and dinner suggestions in the area
  • hand-written note to each couple/family

Consider city-specific items. For instance, if you’re getting married at the beach, include sun block or a fan for the heat.

I would include these items either in a gift bag or reusable basket. If you wanted to get fancy, you could get personalized gift bags in your wedding color, or you could add adhesive labels yourself. Top it with curled ribbon.

What did you include in your welcome bag?

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