They Ran, They Conquered

Please enjoy Big Fat Cake’s first movie production with videography by S21 Photography. Thanks for being patient as it took longer than I thought for me to put this together.

Running of the Brides (ROTB) is not for the faint-hearted. Women (and men!) boxed out their competitors and guarded their mounds of valuable white dresses. Joey and Tim met many excited brides that brought their teams that were equally as excited for them. We gave out Big Fat Cake t-shirts (wear them with pride!), heard many cheers/chants, and witnessed some crazy action! Here is our favorite cheer:

Keep in mind, these ladies waited since 10am the previous day to be in the front of the line and they are cheering at 6am in the morning. Go Team Angela! And she can claim success because she found her dream dress.

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To see more pictures and video from this event, visit our Facebook fan page.

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2 Responses to They Ran, They Conquered

  1. joan says:

    that’s awesome, looks like something to experience once (and never again.. hehe~) i’m going to drag my next-to-be-married friend there next time!

  2. Rye says:

    wow, that is imovie? it looks good, perhaps we will have to add a Mac to our family next time we need another computer. =)

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