Cheap Jars, Classy Favors

From the beginning, I knew I wanted to give out jars of honey as my wedding favor.  Honey is a part of the traditional Iranian wedding ceremony, symblozing a sweet life ahead of you, so as a nod to my culture (and since honey fit in with my color scheme), this is what I wanted.

I searched online to find nice jars of honey for the favor, but alas, I could only find super tiny jars of honey at a not so tiny price.  So, my sister decided to take things into her own (soon to be sticky) hands and jar the honey herself.  We bought an enormous quantity of pre-sterilized jars, ginormous bottles of honey from the warehouse club, and we spent a weekend jarring up the honey.  Labels (just buy the circular, printable ones from the office supply store) and ribbon made the finished product a lovely success, and the honey was well received by guests.  It took forever to clean up afterwards, but we saved so much money, it was well worth it.


The end result after countless sticky hours! photo by: me

To kill two birds with one stone, we used the extra jars to make bridal shower bath salt favors for my sister’s friend.  We made the colored bath salts by combining epsom salt, sea salt, a dash of essential oils (we picked lavender), and a bit of food coloring.  The result was a great favor that also looked lovely on display.

Bath Salt Favors

Same jar, new contents = different favor. photo by: me

Making Bath Salt

Mixing up the bath salts. photo by: me

Bath Salts

All the pretty little bath salts line up in a row. photo by: me

The good things about these DIY favors is that you can do them well in advance of your wedding.  They won’t spoil or go bad.  Consider it a giant favor to yourself to get this done well in advance!

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