Top Five Tips for Bridesmaids

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Top Five Tips for Bridesmaids


Kathryn House and Jeanette Park

Between our personal experiences as bridesmaids and helping our customers at, we’ve accumulated a wealth of experience about bridesmaiding. Here are our top tips for bridesmaids, both before and during the Big Day:

5. Bring your DIY skills: Are you good at hair and makeup? Awesome!  Offer your expertise to the wedding party if you know the bride is tight on cash, or if you are just feeling up to the challenge.  Your DIY skills might be welcome in other capacities as well.  If you’ve got cool penmanship, you could offer to write up the chalkboard menu or seating arrangement.  If you’ve got design skills and the wedding is less formal, head to the table top decorations and see if you can lend a hand.

4. Assemble an emergency kit: Create an emergency kit with bobby pins, double-sided tape (to prevent wardrobe malfunctions), tissues, Band-Aids, and mints. Put it in a clutch bag that you can keep within easy reach. It will come in handy, we promise.

3. Eyes on the Prize: Where do you look when you’re walking down the aisle? It’s OK to look around for people you know and get a little support while you’re trying to walk in those shoes.  But in the end, it’s probably going to be a little weird if you’re craning your neck back to see if you’re friend from college made it to the wedding. Looking straight ahead towards the altar, with a gentle smile, always works fine.

2. Booze: Yes, you’ve earned a cocktail, a dinner drink, a dancing drink.  Celebrate for sure. But someone is going to give you a ride to the airport in the morning. Help them remember you fondly. Have fun, but keep it classy.

1. Speech! While a speech is often the Maid of Honor’s territory, it can also fall to other members of the bridal party.  First, remember your audience: save the salacious stories for the bachelorette party.  Some brief background about how you met the bride is helpful, too.  The best speeches are authentic to the speaker, personal (remembering our boundaries!), and thoughtful.  You can always wrap it up with a wish for the couple’s happiness.

About our guest bloggers:
Kathryn House and Jeanette Park are the co-founders of, an online consignment store for bridesmaid dresses where women can sell and buy used bridesmaids dresses.

The only thing Kathryn loves more than being a bridesmaid is saving money while being a bridesmaid!  If something can be recycled, reused, or composted, she’ll find a way.  She wishes cowboy boots were business casual. A North Carolina native and Duke fan, she now resides in Boston where she helps bridesmaids recoup cash on their dresses, studies theology, grows delicious tomatoes, and bikes like a champ.

Reared by her mother to be frugally fabulous, Jeanette has extensive experience in scoring deals in retail establishments big and small in all corners of the world!  She believes that weddings can be gorgeous and celebratory within a realistic budget. Since planning her own gorgeous and practical wedding, she’s been eager to apply her discerning, creative eye in service of her friends’ and acquaintances’ big days.

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3 Responses to Top Five Tips for Bridesmaids

  1. Nice advices….I like this blog. willl make sure I pass this onto the right people when my turn comes!

  2. Christine says:

    Thanks @Karen! I’m a believer that bridesmaids should be helpful to the bride. It’s not always the case though!

  3. Great advice! Bridesmaidzillas are not to be invited to your party, play nice and make the stressed bride thankful she selected you!

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