Commenting Contest: FREE Bridal Boot Camp

“How would a private bridal boot camp help you on your wedding day?” 

Look good on your wedding day with Fitness Matters in Arlington, VA

Every bride and groom wants to look and feel their best on their wedding day. But the clock is ticking and every workout matters! There’s no time for winter doldrums and hibernation. You need a workout program that gets the results you want in time for your special day.

Fitness Matters of Arlington, VA and Big Fat Cake offer a FREE wedding workout to one lucky bride with up to 3 of her friends! Win one FREE private class with Tracie Anzaldi, plus 20% off your next purchase of a program or subscription! Let Tracie Anzaldi of Fitness Matters plan your workouts while you focus on planning your wedding day. Tracie will conduct a free fitness evaluation to help establish your goals. She will then create a custom bridal bootcamp for you and 3 friends. Bring your bridesmaids, groom, other bride-friends, family or just bring yourself!

Tracie can travel up to a 15-mile radius of Arlington, VA or you can have your FREE class in her studio in Arlington. Warning: if you attend one of her classes, you’re going to want to continue! Be ready to get inspired!



To enter, just answer the following by Feb 3, 2012:

How would a private bridal boot camp help you on your wedding day? 

Commenting Contest Rules and Mumbo Jumbo:

  1. Respond to the question above. Needs to be substantive comments. Comments like “ha ha” and “lol” will not count. Decisions of what is substantive will be at the discretion of Big Fat Cake. We also have a spam filter for comments so comments with ads or profanity will not be counted.
  2. Comments on this post will be counted from today to Friday, Feb 3rd, 2012 @11:59pm EST. Comments on our Big Fat Cake Facebook fan page are also appreciated but do not count for this contest.
  3. You do not have to be a bride/groom/bridesmaid, or know anything about weddings to comment.
  4. Winners are limited to 15-mile radius of Arlington, VA
  5. Winner will be chosen by lottery.
  6. Must redeem the FREE class by October 31, 2012.
  7. No bashing of people…..however, bashing of thoughts is okay (but please try to have constructive criticism)
  8. These rules are subject to change or be added upon (but there is no intent to).
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11 Responses to Commenting Contest: FREE Bridal Boot Camp

  1. joan says:

    i know a majority of people make it one of their new years’ resolutions to workout more/get into shape. It’s already nearing the end of january but I have yet to have started on this resolution, this would be a fabulous way to kickstart getting my butt into shape :)

  2. Audrey says:

    My dream dress only is made up to a certain size. The largest size they offer has the potential to be a bit small up top. I’ve been a bit out of shape for the past few months and am using this as motivation to get back to it. I know that it might be harder to loose inches there, but I also know that there’s no harm in trying, and I only have about a month to decide if that dress is ‘the one’!

  3. Riley says:

    Everyone says that you gain weight after getting married. I want to fight the statistics.

  4. Rob says:

    I think it is important to look awesome on your wedding day but also important maintain your look too, plus you will be health too. It would suck if you get married and your mate just “lets go” but they also say the fatter you are the more happier you are.

  5. Bridget Jones says:

    What a great idea! I’ve done group exercise before and there’s nothing more fun than chatting up the days events with your best friends while getting in a good workout. I couldn’t think of a better way to workout!!

  6. Christine says:

    Great comments so far everyone! Beat the statistics Riley and Rob! Good luck with your dress, Audrey!

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  8. Liz McCabe says:

    WoW…I find this post to be both motivational and convicting. I just finished a hot brownie sundae :(. Not sure how I would find this helpful for my wedding day only because I’m already married. However, I’ve been meaning to start my post-baby mama workout (yes, my baby is 8 mo. old…don’t judge me :P). BUT in the spirit of this blog, if I win, I will be asking not only my husband, but friends of mine who are getting hitched in Apr. and would appreciate any help to look smokin’ on their wedding day!

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  10. At this point, I about felt like my face would fall off from all the smiling. I read somewhere that when you’re a bride, you should always smile because you don’t want to see that one snapshot where you’re scowling because of the unexpected guest who showed up, or your uncomfortable shoes, or the weird song your DJ chose. So I tried to smile! As! Much! As! I! Could! But then again, it wasn’t terribly difficult to do so, as I had a lot to smile about.

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