Wedding Dresses: Figure Flattery

Wedding Dresses: Figure Flattery
by Cynthia Andrews

Your wedding day is one of the few days in your life when all eyes are on you.  Of course you want to look your absolute best!  There are so many beautiful wedding dresses out there but every woman is created differently.  Sometimes you fall in love with a dress on the rack but you try it on and realize it looks nothing like what you thought when on you. The key is determining which style of dress looks best on your body.  The guideline below can be used to help determine the most flattering bridal gowns to help you look your best on your big day.

Are your shoulders and hips a similar width with a defined waist?

Body Type:  Hourglass

Best Dresses:  Sheath gowns, ball gowns, trumpet gowns

Tips:  A dropped, ruched bodice helps show off an hourglass shape.  A fitted bodice and draped skirt also help accentuate a curvy silhouette.


 Are your hips wider than your shoulders?

Body Type: Triangle/Pear

Best Dresses:  A- line gowns, soft gowns, ball gowns

Tips:  Downplay your hips with a halter or heavily beaded top to bring attention up and side draping to help to camouflage your bottom half.


Are your shoulders wider than your hips?

Body Type:  Inverted Triangle/Apple

Best Dresses:  Short gowns, A-line gowns, ball gowns

Tips:  A full-length tea skirt helps balance proportions.  A voluminous skirt also brings the attention downwards from your upper body.

Are your hips, waist, and shoulders all a similar width?

Body Type: Rectangle

Best Dresses:  Sheath gowns, A-line gowns, short gowns

Tips: A ruched bodice, sweetheart neckline, and heavily beaded waistband or belt can help create the illusion of an hourglass.

Remember to embrace your body and look for a dress that accentuates your natural beauty.  You should be wearing the dress, the dress shouldn’t be wearing you!


 About our guest blogger

This information was brought to you by David’s Bridal, a nationwide bridal retailer featuring spectacular wedding dresses, gowns, accessories, and more. Cynthia Andrews a freelance writer with a love for all things wedding and fashion.  She enjoys being crafty and spending time with her husband and cat, Vera.

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  1. Weddingpics says:

    Great tips! Never knew that the above details made a difference when selecting a wedding dress. Thanks a lot for the information! It helped a lot!

  2. With society’s emphasis on slim, svelte and skinny, helped in no small way by the tri-media, you are probably wondering about appearing beautiful on your wedding day what with your Rubenesque figure. But have no fear! You can choose from many plus size wedding dresses to flatter your body. Here are tips to do so.

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