A Cheap Alternative to Specialty Wedding Stamps

Wedding themed postage stamps are a fun way to add a festive, finishing touch to your wedding stationary. For a little over $1 a stamp, you can choose from numerous designs on specialty websites like zazzle.com and weddingstamps.net.

But with so many save-the-date cards, bachelor(ette) party invites, wedding invitations, RSVP response cards, and thank-you notes to mail, sticking a $1 specialty stamp to each mailing item quickly adds up to hundreds of dollars in extra postage costs.

One money-saving solution to getting love-themed stamps for your wedding stationary is to buy Valentines Day stamps in bulk from your local post office around the weeks of Valentines day. Every year since 1973, the USPS has issued a newly designed love stamp to celebrate the holiday. They’re sold for the same price as regular stamps (just 49 cents!), half the price of the specialty stamps you get online.

This year, the USPS V-day design was “Love Ribbons”, a two-color stamp with the word “love” written in calligraphy. It’s perfect for wedding postage needs, and is a forever stamp, so it’ll last until your wedding date and afterward! Check out this year’s stamp. Not bad huh?

2012 USPS Valentines Day Stamp

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2 Responses to A Cheap Alternative to Specialty Wedding Stamps

  1. katherine says:

    I have been using the love stamp on all of my mail.I enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog! Hugs, Katherine

  2. this is such a good alternative. thanks for the idea!

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