A Diamond is Forever and so are Stamps

Love Stamps

The "Love" stamps that I love. Source: www.usps.com

Both my sister and my best friend are engaged to be married, and both of them had their birthdays in the last week.  Having been in their shoes, I know that for their birthdays, they are in an awkward gift receiving situation.  Anything they want they’ve registered for and will probably receive in the coming months.  Anything they need is probably wedding related and super expensive or time sensitive.  It’s not like I can go get them a centerpiece or a salmon dinner to use later.

I racked my brain and I came up with what I think is a super perfect and practical gift idea for the birthday girl brides-to-be.  STAMPS!  Whether it be the reply cards, the thank you notes, or the checks to the caterer, they are going to need them.  And, if you buy the forever ones they last, well, forever.  Your budget can be anywhere from $.45 to $450, and you can get something thoughtful and useful.  The “love” stamps are my favorite, but there are also a whole host of others to choose from.  If you’re feeling really fancy, you can shell out for the stamps with the photos on them.

So, if it is a birthday, holiday, shower, or anything, consider getting some stamps (and maybe even some thank you notes, because you know they need those too) for your bride friends.  They will love you forever.

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