To Beautiful Beginnings, Hand-Blown Glass Art

A Beautiful Tradition

Though becoming an increasingly rare occurrence, every now and again, a fortunate individual wandering the beach comes across an antique glass Japanese fishing float that has managed to travel across oceans before appearing on shore. The people who find these treasured floats are said to be blessed, having been made witness to a momentous occurrence and been selected to participate in the journey.

Sharing Your Journey

So it should be with your wedding. Like a delicate glass float that has its beauty enhanced by the waves it has traveled over; taking the leap to wed attests that you, as a couple, have established the tenacity of your bond and found yourselves capable of weathering trials with your love intact. The choice to share your vows before the exceptional people in your life allows them to share in your continued joy and good fortune.

About bellaballs

While formed, each bellaball is crowned with a meaningful adornment stamped in Italian sterling silver. Adornments you may choose include: the Love stamp, Edwardian Heart, Beautiful Design, Neapolitan Bee, Lucky Horseshoe, Rococo Seashell or Classic bella Fig. With over 77 colors to choose from, we’re able to match your exact wedding palette. As with any bella, should you wish to use your own design or the dates of your wedding, custom stamps may be created especially for you.

Give Beautiful

Whether used as centerpieces, keepsakes for the wedding party, or favors for guests, everyone will feel connected to the joy and love you have brought before them as a couple.

To make your wedding bellas affordable, we blow them to a three inch size with no minimum order. Each wedding bella comes packaged with a sheer organza bag in silver, and includes a special display ring.

About The Guest Bloggers

With this inspiration, designer Lesli Jacobs-McHugh and glass artist Diane Hansen set to making their first bellaball glass floats for the wedding of Lesli’s daughter.  At the reception, each setting had a small glass float placed before it. In this way, each guest was given an affordable heirloom that would extend the currents of beauty and kinship into their own lives.

When Diane and Lesli met, they discovered their mutual love of Japanese floats. They created bellaballs as a symbol of strength and resilience. Bellaballs serve as a reminder that no matter where the currents of life take you, you always have the choice to live beautifully.

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3 Responses to To Beautiful Beginnings, Hand-Blown Glass Art

  1. The adornment on these really make it very unique and pretty. I love the L O V E ones!

  2. simplebridal says:

    Wow,It’s so great!!

  3. Bryan says:

    well done Diane and Lesli for re-creating such beautiful objects and for sharing the story of their origins.

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