Wedding Lessons – Part 1

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It’s been 3 months since J and I got married. The first weekend of November turned out to be a beautiful day (albeit a bit cold). Since my bachelor party was the week before my wedding (not to mention that I fractured 2 ribs 3 days before leaving for my bachelor party in Las Vegas), it has been a whirlwind of a 3 months. It’s been a great experience, and I thought I’d post a few lessons that I’ve learned:


I never expected to get hurt right before the wedding, but it happened to me. I was playing in my Sunday softball league and I was an outfielder when the opposing team hit a shallow fly ball. I ran after the ball and began leaning forward to dive for the ball. My fellow outfielder was also running to the ball and began sliding legs first towards the ball. Before either of us made it to the ball, his knees (and full body weight) crashed into my right side. A ride on the ambulance to the ER and a barrage of tests later, it was determined I had 2 fractured ribs, possibly a minor punctured lung, and that I would be in great pain for a while. I asked if I could ride on a plane, and was told that if I had a minor punctured lung, there was a chance that the air pressure would cause my lung to collapse. Luckily, I recovered much within the 3 days and decided to go to Vegas. What amazes me most is that my health insurance covered the whole accident. I’ve always received extra bills stating the insurance covered part of the cost. I had never broken a bone nor ridden in an ambulance, but anything can happen so be careful in the weeks before your wedding (especially if you don’t have health insurance)!


J and I had been planning the details of our wedding from our engagement. During the process, J assigned a friend to be the ceremony coordinator and another to be the reception coordinator. At some point, she introduced them to the DJ and on the day of the wedding, she introduced the caterer. But on the wedding day, J and I were no longer in control. When we got to the site, the photographers led us through our pre-ceremony photo shoot. The ceremony coordinator advised us when we were starting and where to stand. The DJ started the music, our officiator made announcements, and the photographers did their thing). After the ceremony, we were advised where to setup for our entrance and followed instructions the rest of the night. Then once the music started, we just partied, which wasn’t planned, but was a welcome surprise.


We prepared 90% of the wedding and figured we’d have time to get the last 10% done on the day of the wedding. Unforeseen problems required us to recruit friends to help accomplish the last minute touches (e.g. purchase champagne, firewood, bar items, etc.). Most of these friends were not locals and we were lucky that people had smartphones. But even the champagne (J likes Martini & Rossi) was hard to find and they had to check several locations. We had two groups of friends search for firewood and both bought some, so we had a large bonfire. So if you can’t prepare everything ahead of time, prepare to have some friends available to help.

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  1. Very practical advice here (especially with that sudden accident!) its nice to hear the lessons straight from the source. Glad it all turned out okay in the end!

  2. Vaale says:

    Vilma,You do an amazing job with your phtgooraphy. I got on your site this morning just to see if you had any of Nick and Tristin’s pictures on there yet. I realize it is probably a bit soon. Just looking and anxious. Thank you for helping to make their day special.Not sure who this couple are but they sure look like they are in love and the pictures are beautiful. What a nice wedding.Tina

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