15% OFF at Sandalista.com and Contest Reminder

Win these sample sandals from Sandalista. Or, you can also upload a picture to custom-make your own at sandalista.com

You think these sandals are too awesome that you must have it, even if you don’t win it? Well, you can still purchase a pair of your own sandals with 15% off using code “BIGFATCAKE15” at checkout. Still wanna try to win it? Leave a comment on the contest post by this Friday at 11:59PM.

Buy them for yourself, your bridal party, or just for fun! Check out the comments to see what people plan to do with their pair if they win.

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5 Responses to 15% OFF at Sandalista.com and Contest Reminder

  1. Melissa W says:

    If I win…I plan on taking them to the Beach on our much needed week long honeymoon!! :) Love these sandals!

  2. Stasha says:

    If I win, I’ll be wearing them on the dancing floor at our reception and I’m sure they’ll make it into the suitcase for our tropical honeymoon!

  3. Judy Cordier says:

    I would love to present these to my new daughter-in-law when my son and she gets married on the beach at the end of April. It would be such a great welcome to our family! And on the beach – perfect!!

  4. Judy Cordier says:

    When does this contest end and when do we find out who won the sandals?

  5. Love these! They would be perfect for a beach wedding as favors for your guests to use ♡

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