Winner of Custom-Made Sandals

Announcing two winners! Congratulations to Alane and Kristin for winning a pair of custom-made sandals from Sandalista! You can sport your new sandals as you walk around in the Big Apple, as you get ready for your wedding, and then on your honeymoon! We hope you enjoy your new sandals and sport them wherever you go. Congratulations on your engagements! :)

Example sandals from Sandalista. You can also custom-make your own design!

If you missed the contest but would like to get a discount for your purchase on, be sure to use code “BIGFATCAKE15″ at checkout to get 15% off! If you go with a custom design, we would love to see your creative design, so please share! Thank you to everyone who commented and shared the post. :)

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  2. Nothing related to the contest…just wanted to say flats are the best for wedding…you can actually dance!

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