Themed Wedding Dress Ideas

The wedding season is upon us once again!

I asked our style expert Jacqueline to give me her two cents on themed summer weddings. This period just before summer is always filled with excitement as brides finalize details for their weddings, and newly engaged brides-to-be start the planning process.

For many brides, the “perfect” wedding has been mapped out in their minds from childhood, complete with the big puffy dress with the marshmallow sleeves, a la Princess Diana in the early 80’s.

For others, a little help is needed, and we like to suggest for them to think of a ‘theme’ first.

Here are some of our favorite themes that we don’t get tired of seeing:

The Vintage/Retro Wedding

Laura Bush recently had a ‘vintage’ wedding complete with a horse-drawn carriage, bringing the era back to life. The most common aspect of a vintage wedding is bringing anything and everything that’s old and making it new again.

Think lace, black and white pictures, and antique table settings.

For brides who want an extra kick of nostalgia, bring the 70’s back and go ‘Retro’. Go for roller skates and an old-school milkshake bar.

SimplyBridal’s Linda gown is perfect for brides who want to take a step back through time.

The Fairytale Wedding

A fairy tale/princess wedding is all about ballroom elegance, like a page out of the classic tale of Cinderella.

From the beginning of an enchanted day, through to the ‘happily ever after’ reception, romantic lighting, arches and soft colors are very popular.

Princess brides love big, romantic dresses, with lots of flowing chiffon, such as SimplyBridal’s Celeste gown.

The Modern Bride:

The Modern bride, or ‘Non-traditional bride’ tends to stray away for all things pink and puffy, and loves looking for abstract ideas that are fresh and chic.

Modern brides will skip the three-tiered cake and instead opt for funky cupcakes and macarons, and choose Justin Bieber’s “Baby” as their first dance, instead of Eric Clapton’s “Wonderful Tonight”.

Probably the biggest giveaway of a Modern bride is the introduction of color in her dress. This can be hues of red, or a black sash.

Our pick for modern brides is the sleek and sexy Michelle gown.

The Beach Bride:

By far the most popular of themes, the Beach wedding is relaxed and carefree.

From the California coast to traditional Hawaiian luaus, nothing beats that kiss at sunset!

Be beach-ready in Simply Bridal’s Deanna gown.

With four solid theme ideas that you can play with, we can’t wait to hear what your wedding theme will be!

About Our Guest Blogger

Natalie Tsang writes for SimplyBridal’s blog. SimplyBridal is an online retailer that creates beautiful and affordable wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses.

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7 Responses to Themed Wedding Dress Ideas

  1. Wow! Really elegant wedding gowns. I so like it! Thanks for sharing this to us.

  2. Very sweet and nice themed dresses and I like these all.

  3. Beautiful dresses. It’s interesting though how all the themes are still structured by white – one would think that a modern bride, at least, would go some way beyond, with different colours and styles! I wonder how long the white dress will remain dominant in our culture – decades, centuries?!

  4. Great ideas – I like the “Modern Bride”. Gorgeous.

  5. This set of dresses are gorgeous! I must say, they are pretty sweet!

  6. A themed wedding dress not only expresses your individuality, but it’s also a way to highlight your special day in a unique way that ensures your guests will never forget it. Planning any wedding is fun, but a theme wedding adds an extra element of excitement to the festivities. Your wedding will be much more entertaining than a traditional ceremony, and your guests will talk about it for years to come. And of course they’ll also always remember your themed wedding dress!

  7. nifika says:

    Nice article for Wedding Dress Ideas!!!

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