Unforgettable Moments – Designer Shoes at Payless Prices!

Photo Source: unforgettablemoments.com

A few years ago I decided that wearing high heels just wasn’t for me. I’m fairly tall and work with children, so the added height was not necessary. This was when my love for adorable yet comfortable flats began.

I knew I wanted flats for my wedding and I knew I wanted them to be in an adorable color. The problem was, where could I find shoes that were classy, colorful, comfy and cost-effective? Ahhh, designer Lela Rose solved my problem.

While reading a Martha Stewart wedding magazine, I learned about www.unforgettablemoments.com. A sister program to Payless Shoes, Unforgettable Moments offers dyeable designer shoes at the prices Payless is known for. I have ordered two pairs of Charlotte Dyeable Ballet Flats, shown above in “orchid.” One pair is for my own wedding and the other is for a friend’s wedding. Both are beautiful and the colors are stunning.

The shoes arrived quickly through the mail and the low price included dyeing and shipping. I was also able to use a Payless coupon for 15% on the site!

Currently all of the shoes on the site are on sale and are a part of BOGO (Buy One Get One Free promotions).

My two pairs are very comfortable, though the bottoms are slick and I plan to scuff them up a bit in my driveway before wearing them on my big day.

I was also able to call the customer service line for Unforgettable Moments and talk with a representative about the color choices I made. She had swatches of the colors there with her and helped me pick the perfect color for each pair of shoes.

The beauty of all of this is that I spent a small amount of my budget on beautiful designer shoes AND I get to wear them again after my big day!

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3 Responses to Unforgettable Moments – Designer Shoes at Payless Prices!

  1. joan says:

    that’s a fabulous suggestion, payless always has random finds, especially the designer brands, thanks!

  2. JLa says:

    You’re welcome, Joan! I’ve only worn the shoes for a bit (around my room) and I can already tell that they are VERY comfortable. They are slick on the bottom, however, and I plan to scuff them up in due time. ;)

  3. JLa says:

    I’d like to update everyone on my wedding shoes. I wore them on my wedding day and they were BEAUTIFUL…until I began to get sweaty from the heat. Throughout my wedding my shoes began to look like they were melting. I had not realized that these shoes are NOT water soluble. I asked Payless about this and they state that this is made clear on their webpage and on the box of the shoes. I have yet to find this information, but I’m also not hunting for it either. Needless to say I am very disappointed and can not wear my shoes again. The plus side was that I did not spend a fortune on my shoes. Arg! Please put this into consideration before you think about ordering any of these shoes.

    May your shoes work out beautifully!

    JBu (formerly JLa)

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