A Romantic Manly Gift?

Photo Source: http://www.etsy.com/listing/73893950/latitude-longitude-custom-cuff-links?ref=ss_listing

Buying a romantic, manly gift can be an oxymoronic task. I set out to find such a treasure for my fiancé last Valentine’s Day. I knew I wanted to find him a sentimental gift for our last Valentines before our wedding, and hoped that the present would also be something that he could use in or incorporate into the “big day.” I wanted the gift to be “him.” He has an understated, manly sort of elegance that I admire very much, but that can be a tad difficult to shop for. And lastly, we had agreed on a $100ish budget for V-Day gifts.

While perusing Etsy (a wonderful playground of handmade and vintage goodies) for my own wedding jewelry, I stumbled upon a shop called The Pretty Peacock. While their name may not scream “manly,” it is, in fact, where I found the perfect gift for my future hubby.

Ana, the mastermind and craftswoman behind my gift and this wonderful e-shop, creates custom, brushed sterling silver cufflinks with a latitude coordinate hand-stamped on one link and a longitude stamped on the other. I chose to memorialize the exact spot of our wedding venue for his cufflinks, but you could also pick the spot of your first date or where he proposed. The result is a unique, highly personal, and romantic yet elegant gift. The gift was especially poignant because my beaux majored in geography and makes computerized maps for a living, but it could be a brilliantly sentimental gift for any man. And at $112 including shipping, it fit into our pre-arranged budget. All you have to do is enter the address you would like commemorated when you purchase the item, and Ana takes care of the rest! The resulting product is very high quality, and not at all frilly or girly. He loved them, and I can’t wait to see him wearing them on our wedding day and for years to come.

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  1. JLa says:

    These are such a good idea. I like how they’ll always carry a story with them. :)

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