Bachelor Party in the Woods

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Not that I have any experience planning a bachelor party, but a coworker and friend of mine came back to work raving about how good of a time he had in the Blue Ridge Mountains in western Virginia.  He stayed at Crimora Mine Retreat and it looked like a lot of fun! They did tons of outdoor activities: fishing, hiking, kayaking, and canoeing. And when it rained briefly, they had things to do indoors, too.

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The lodge they stayed in sleeps 10. I’m sure rates are different throughout the year, but just to give you a ballpark for those that are planning for a bachelor party, the group of guys spent $1150 on lodging and spent about $200 on food for the weekend. If the groom doesn’t pay and the friends all chip in, it makes for a very inexpensive weekend.

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And would a stripper respond to a call from a cabin in the woods? hahaha, I don’t know. If she/he cares about safety, I would think not! But what do I know. I’m not familiar with the stripper industry. :P

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4 Responses to Bachelor Party in the Woods

  1. SoHyun Boo says:

    One of the best bachelor parties I had been to was a camping trip with whitewater rafting tour on the Gauley river in West Virginia.

  2. Damien says:

    Who knew that such a memorable weekend could be so inexpensive! This is way better than a night out at a casino, or pub crawling!

  3. John says:

    Really the bachelor parties are memorable..I have also attend a bachelor party in the woods and we enjoyed a lot and I would never forget that memory.

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