Body Glide – Not Just For Athletes!

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A few years ago I was out with some friends wearing a sequined top. The top was fabulous, but after a few hours I realized I had rubbed the inside of my arms raw. My bestie was out with me and she recommended that next time I wore this top I use Body Glide. I had no idea what this was, and the minute she said something about “used to help runners” I tuned out…until I tried it.

Body Glide is a product that prevents chafing. It causes your skin to slip past whatever might rub it and cause you discomfort. Sure, not the prettiest topic to blog about, but none-the-less there will be times when beautiful clothes chafe. Take my bronze sequined top, for example. Next time I wore it, I used Body Glide. I did not hurt and there were no red marks on my arms.

I use Body Glide frequently when breaking in new shoes or when I know I’ll be walking around a lot. I’m already planning on packing Body Glide in my wedding “emergency kit” so that my dress will not rub onto my back, shoulders, or arms due to the bulk of my wedding dress. This could be magical for you brides with sequins and beads and lace that are tightly tailored to your body!

Take it from me: you don’t need to be an athlete to appreciate this product. Just a gal who loves a good sequined top.

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