3 Ways to Prevent Losing Your Wedding Ring
by Laura Bejar

Wedding and engagement rings are often among a woman’s most treasured possessions. You may have spent hours searching for the perfect ring. Maybe the love of your life surprised you with a ring he picked out completely on his own. Perhaps the ring is a beloved family heirloom, passed down for generations by one of your families.

No matter how you got the ring, protecting it is most likely a high priority to you. Many women are devastated each year when a beloved wedding or engagement ring is lost or stolen. Here are some tips to help ensure it doesn’t happen to you.

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Make Sure the Ring Is Sized Properly

Just because the ring fit you perfectly when it was given to you, doesn’t necessarily mean that will always be the case. It isn’t uncommon for women to gain and lose weight, both of which often impact the way rings fit. A ring that has become too loose can easily slip off without the wearer noticing. Some women have a nervous habit of twisting their rings, which makes the possibility of it slipping off even greater. The ring being too tight also increases the chances of it getting lost. The wearer may become uncomfortable, take the ring off, and forget to retrieve it. If your weight has changed, make sure to get your ring resized to ensure it fits properly.

Don’t Take It Off

The easiest way to ensure a ring won’t become lost or stolen is to keep it on your body. Learn to sleep with it on at night and wear gloves to protect it when you do household tasks, such as washing the dishes. Don’t take it off when you shower, especially at the gym or other locations away from home. There are some professions in which wearing a ring to work isn’t an option. In these cases, make it a habit to always leave the ring at home, in the same spot each time. If you must take your ring off while away from home, attach it to your keychain or the necklace you’re wearing if at all possible.

Insure the Ring

No, this won’t keep it from disappearing, but it may help you get it back or at least recover some of the monetary value of the ring. The simplest way to insure jewelry is to make sure it is covered by your homeowner’s policy. If you rent an apartment and don’t currently have renters insurance, you can get a quick Kemper Direct renter insurance quote and have the ring listed as scheduled property. If the ring is worth more than your home or renter insurance policy will cover, you will need to look into specialty insurance.

Keep your renter insurance quote, homeowner policy, or any other documents listing your wedding and engagement rings in a secure location, such as a safety deposit box. Take high quality photos of the jewelry from all angles and document any identifying features, such as personal inscriptions. Put this information in a safe place, as well. This may come in handy if you need to prove the ring is yours if it’s turned in to the police or found at a pawn shop.

Losing a wedding or engagement ring can be devastating to both the wearer and the person he gave it to her. It becomes even more complicated if the ring was a family heirloom, as other people’s feelings get involved. Protect your rings by paying attention to their fit, where you leave them and insuring them.

About our guest blogger:

Lauri originally wanted to go into stock trading, but fell in love with journalism. She is now a finance journalist.

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7 Responses to 3-ways-to-prevent-losing-your-wedding-ring

  1. That wedding ring is awesome. I like it! Thanks for sharing this post to us.

  2. Kelly Jones says:

    I couldn’t imagine losing my engagement or personalized wedding bands. If I have to take them off. I make sure to put them on a necklace I am wearing. I never thought about getting them insured though. These are great tips I will have to pass along to my friends who are engaged or married.

  3. I love that engagement ring! Get insurance or partial insurance.

  4. My mom lost her wedding ring. She was devastated! We were just kids when it happened. To this day, whe tells everyone never to take off their rings.

  5. jamiefrades says:

    Wedding rings are very expensive especially if its genuine. Thus, every effort must be done to keep it safe.
    tampa fl event coordinator

  6. Renea says:

    I have sisters that have lost their wedding ring and believe it isn’t fun. I haven’t lost mine and the only reason is because I never ever take it off.

  7. Don´t take it off is the best option.

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