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As the granddaughter of a hairdresser, I thought I knew all the ins and outs in regards to the business of hair. But just a few weeks ago my buddy took me by surprise. We were about to watch a musical together when she asked me, “Have you considered having a stylist come to your home before your wedding?”

What!? A stylist come to my home?! I grew up with a salon in my house, but customers always came to my Grandmother, not the other way around.

Huzzah! A fabulous and innovative idea in hair care – the stylist that comes to you.

Curious, I asked my friend for some information. She told me that her hair stylist, Courtney Saunders of the DC Metro area, has been her source for hair care for years and comes to her home.

I have to mention here that this friend of mine has incredible hair. Long, luxurious hair with natural curl and beautiful highlights. I imagined that she must spend loads of her time at the salon, but not so! She told me that she sees Courtney every so often and that the job she does is so professional that she does not have to go as often as she used to.

Professionals, such as Courtney Saunders, also come on site for weddings. What a wonderful idea!

So, before you go and book yourself and your wedding party at a salon, consider something a bit more cozy and invite the professional to your home.

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  1. JLa says:

    Hello brides!

    I recently attended a friend’s wedding and she had a professional come to her wedding venue to do her hair! The stylist’s name is Kendra Brian and she works at Spa Milan in Pearland, Texas. Anyone getting married in her area can request her styling services (and trust me, she is great!). The salon’s site is:

    My bride friend was so relaxed and there was no stress about getting stuck in traffic or messing her hair from the salon to the car. It was delightful!

  2. I love this article. As a professional Hairstylist, I started my own wedding hair business, because there was a such a disconnect at salons when it came to brides. Its not about the salon or the hairstylist on the day of any brides wedding. It is about the bride, I felt that there was a huge market for this. Many hairstylist refused to take off on there busiest day (saturday) unless the price was right and most have to split the profit with the salon, so why would they.

    I wanted my brides to get that special attention on there wedding day, be comfortable and not feel rushed. I started my business for that very reason and to this day I believe it was the best thing I ever did. I am passionate about styling hair and cannot explain the feeling I get when I see the smile on a brides face when she looks in the mirror after she puts on her dress. Its the reason I love my career and the reason I can not wait to go to work, because its not work to me.

    ~Lauren DeCosimo
    Hairstylist NY

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  4. JLa says:

    Lauren, thank you for your response! I am honored by your respect for your profession and the women you bless with your talents. As the granddaughter of a Hairstylist, I applaud you for doing what makes you smile and brings you great joy!

    Best! JBu (formerly JLa)

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