What’s all the Chuppah About???

What’s all the Chuppah About??
by  Michele Schwartz

The Jewish wedding canopy, which symbolizes the new home the bride and groom will create upon their marriage, is called the Chuppah (also spelled Chupah, Hoopah, Hupah).  Consider the chuppah the centerpiece for your wedding and have fun designing it and making it personal and inviting, as you will your new, marital home!

Since the chuppah is a well-known symbol of a Jewish or Jew-ish wedding it is actually surprising for most people to learn that while it’s not a requirement for a Jewish wedding, it is a long-held and well-loved tradition!

The only requirement for the chuppah to be considered Kosher is for it to be open on all four sides, like Abraham’s tent welcoming strangers from all directions.

The most traditional and perhaps the most meaningfully symbolic of chuppot (plural of Chuppah) are those handheld by four friends and draped with a Jewish prayer shawl known as a tallit. Often, instead of a tallit, many couples will choose to create a personal top to their chuppah using artwork or quilts that are meaningful.

This chuppah cover matches the couple’s Ketubah (marriage contract).

This chuppah cover matches the couple’s Ketubah (marriage contract).


Many couples design their chuppah in conjunction with the floral theme of the wedding. Flowers decorate the top of the chuppah, held on traditional wooden poles like this one.


Or, the flowers can cover the entire chuppah, like this one made of Sunflowers!


There are lots of new trends in chuppah design, the most popular being to use a form of LED lights.


Instead of the traditional freestanding chuppah, florists are often now creating chuppot that are suspended from the ceiling.


Some couples are choosing to create a chuppah out of balloons, fabric, and lights.


… or, in this case pin wheels!

Couples can take different aspects of their favorite chuppah ideas to create one that is personal and meaningful as well as different from any other chuppah!

This one combines a bit of everything: the latest trends in lighting, a beautiful cloth topper and flowers to match the rest of the wedding décor!

Want to see more beautiful chuppah ideas?  Check out the Pinterest board for The Modern Jewish Wedding! 

 About our guest blogger

Michele Schwartz is the CEO of The Modern Jewish Wedding (MJW), the go-to website for Jewish weddings. Michele bridges the richest Jewish traditions, the freshest trends, and the dreams and wishes of the families celebrating these once-in-a-lifetime passages. At MJW, the modern bride and groom (and all who love weddings) find ideas, resources, and inspiration to create an event that reflects their unique personalities and relationship.

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