You’re Such a Square!

Selecting a wedding band for my fiance was a bit trickier than I expected. I had thought that men’s bands were simple: pick a metal, pick a size, that’s it. I was wrong.

While style may be simplistic, there are nuances that need to be considered. What width will the band be? What will the finish be on the metal? Will there be an inscription or design on the ring?

I found myself doing research on Etsy (glorious Etsy!) for guidance. While there, I came across something really cool – a squared wedding band.

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I hadn’t realized I could find a shape besides, well, ring shaped!

Brigit, artisan of TwoSilverMoons on Etsy, makes a good point. Online she says, “Go ahead and take a look at your fingers. They are really not round, but do have a very similar soft squared shape, just like the ring. This ring fits your finger perfectly.”

Brigit makes each ring by hand from reputable sources. She is also very pleasant to communicate with and willing to customize your order.

My fiance had a very hard decision between this ring and another. He was very interested in the square shape and the simplicity of this piece.

So, go ahead. Be a square!

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