Winner of Epiphany Chocolates and Chocolate Wedding Ideas

Epiphany chocolates at a wedding

Congratulations to Monique for winning the commenting contest for Epiphany’s 18-piece Summer Remix collection in a beautiful floral box plus the Epiphany Chocolates gift card for $25!

Sad you didn’t win? You can still get Epiphany’s yummy chocolates using a 25% off checkout code: SUMMER25.

Thanks to everyone that left a comment in response to:

How have you seen chocolate incorporated into a wedding?

We got LOTS of great responses from the audience, such as:

  • chocolate fountain (several weddings were mentioned)
  • chocolate carvings of the bride and groom
  • mini chocolate bites instead of wedding cake
  • four chocolate boxed set, wrapped in a ribbon personalized with the couple’s name and wedding date
  • chocolate personalized with the first letter of the couple’s last name
  • borrowing from M&M’s, even personalizing the chocolates with a picture of the couple
  • personalized Hershey kisses
  • self-serve dessert or candy table where you pack your own favors
  • “advent calendar” countdown of chocolates until the wedding day
  • chocolate wedding invitations
  • chocolate-covered gummy bears wedding favor
  • chocolate utensils to go with the dessert
  • truffle cake as the wedding cake, or addition to wedding cake
  • smores by a fire pit out on a deck at the end of the night (my favorite response!)
  • fun-size chocolates in goody bags for out of town guests

Feel free to share additional chocolate ideas below! The contest is over but chocolate will never be over. :) Our friends at Epiphany Chocolates also had some of their own ideas that have been incorporated with their chocolates:

  • Wedding Favors: Imagine a beautifully decorated chocolate sitting at each table setting…Raspberry Romance (raspberry milk chocolate with creamy walnuts), perhaps? Your guests may just love you even more.
  • Wedding Dessert Buffet: The perfect way to celebrate such a blissful day – an artfully decorated table filled with beautiful handmade chocolates from EpiphanyChocolates. Your dessert table just got a little more awesome.
  • Engagement Gifts: Send your congratulations to the happy couple with a box of Cherry Amour (rich almonds drenched in cherry-flavored dark chocolate). It may just be a chocolate love affair.
  • Bridal Party and Groomsmen Gifts: The groomsmen will definitely be saying Double Ohhh Seven (Swiss mint fudge, milk chocolate and rich mint cookie pieces) as they are getting the groom ready or snacking on The Nutty Bunch after a night out on the town. Show your bridesmaids how much you appreciate them at the Bridesmaid Luncheon with The Leading Ladies or get the Bachelorette Party started with The Showstoppers.
  • Out of Town Guests: Treat your out of town guests with a keepsake box of unique handmade Epiphany Chocolates. They will feel really welcome.
  • Thank You Gifts: Chocolate is always a good idea. Epiphany Chocolates are the perfect way to show appreciation for everyone who helped with your big day.

About Epiphany Chocolates

Founded by a passionate chocolate enthusiast, Epiphany’s fine chocolates are handmade soft center nudges enrobed in chocolate with unique and surprising ingredients presented in a signature keepsake box. Signature collections include milk chocolate fudge, dark chocolate fudge and caramel. Inspired by travel, limited edition collection flavors are influenced by excursions throughout the world. Sophie, Chocolate Correspondent and Social Butterfly, explores chocolate while meeting inspiring people, discovering unique venues and embarking on endless new adventures. For more information, visit or @EpiphanyChocs on Twitter.

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  1. LUCKY!!!! Can’t wait for the next contest!

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