Change of a Dress (Part 1 of 3)

Nana's Wedding

My lovely late grandmother on her wedding day. Photo courtesy of my mom.

It was never my intention to wear a family wedding gown on my wedding day, and (spoiler alert), I didn’t!  For one thing, my mother and my grandmother were smaller than me in both height and width, and for another thing, I didn’t think the almost-turtle-neck necklines of their gowns would be all that flattering.

My late grandmother, Nana, got married in the 1940s.  She had a stunning satin gown with a train that went on forever.  My mother got married in the 1970s, and had an off-white lacy gown that looked lovely on her, but perhaps would never do the same for anyone else.  It was the 1970s!

Mom and Dad's Wedding

My mother in her lacy dress, and my father in his platform shoes, circa 1975. Photo courtesy of my mom.

I had heard that there were companies/tailors/seamstresses that could create wedding gowns out of old wedding gowns, and this was an idea that I toyed with until I found out that my budget wouldn’t allow it.  Wearing my mom and nana’s wedding gowns was out of the question, but my very clever mother thought that perhaps I could still include this very sentimental couture in my special day.  So, she and my aunt did what any ‘sane’ person would do and started cutting up wedding dresses!

Cutting Wedding Dress

My aunt taking a pair of scissors to my mom's 1970s wedding dress. Photo courtesy of my aunt.

Under the guidance of my aunt’s dear friend Sandy, who is also an accomplished quilter, two sentimental dresses were recreated/repurposed/upcycled into something very special for my wedding day.  And, when they were done doing that, there was even enough fabric left over for me to put a small patch of my mom’s and nana’s wedding dresses into the lining of my own gown.  Wins all around!

Wedding Dress Patch

The patch consisting of the lace from my mom's dress and the satin from my nana's dress that was sewn into my gown. Photo by Hay McKenna Photography.

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