The Day I Got Too Fat For My Rings…

It was a sad day when I had to take off my engagement and wedding rings, but it was for good reason. We’re having a baby, and in a matter of days! But I had to take them off pretty early in pregnancy because of swelling in my hands. Many women choose to do that. If you don’t and your hands swell up too much, you have to get the rings sawed-off so it doesn’t cut circulation off during pregnancy! No way I was going to let that happen.

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It made me wonder how women decide whether or not to put their rings back on. I’ve noticed that some women keep only their wedding ring on, while others will have both, while some may choose not to put them back on at all. I plan on putting both as soon as my hands allow for it. It makes me sad to think that I wouldn’t put my engagement and wedding rings back on. Why wouldn’t you put both rings back on?

How long do you wear your rings for? For what reason? Did you have to make a decision to take your rings off? 

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6 Responses to The Day I Got Too Fat For My Rings…

  1. Allen J. says:

    I am also baffled gthe thought of not wearing your wedding rings. The rings are a huge part of the ceremony and is one of the biggest symbols of your love. Good for you for wanting to get them back on.

  2. Katie says:

    I have to confess that whenever I’m going shopping somewhere where I’m expecting to haggle, like the car dealership or flea market, I leave my bling at home. Wouldn’t want anyone to assume I can afford more!

  3. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t put both rings on.. unles you’re tried to hide taht you’re married?

  4. Belle Thomson says:

    You could always sell your engagement rings and wedding bands and then buy another set elsewhere. Unfortunately I had to do this, I actually bought a used engagement ring from and then had my old diamond reset into my new(ish ring!

  5. Thank you for sharing a helpful information.

  6. that looks pain! outch!

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