Redefining The Table Skirt (Part 3 of 3)

So by now, you’re probably wondering where all that dress actually went?  We had the patch in my dress, and the ring bearer pillow, but there was still plenty of fabric to be used!  After inspecting my grandmother’s gown, we realized that the dress didn’t fare all that well after 60+ years.  Outside of the ring bearer pillow and patch for my dress, we didn’t use any more fabric from it.  My mother’s dress, however, was still all usable in its 1970s glory.

The bodice of the dress was cannibalized in order to make the ring bearer’s pillow and dress patch.  The skirt of the dress, however, was untouched, leaving an entire skirt and train usable as a (wait for it)…table cloth!  What had once been my mother’s wedding dress became the table skirt for my cake table.  Tada!!!!!

Cake Table Skirt

Why yes, my cake table did have a train! Photo by Hay McKenna Photography.

Again, my aunt’s talented friend, Sandy, helped to make this possible.  The dress was originally cut straight across, right above the waist, leaving the entire skirt and train intact.  In order to make the skirt of the dress into the table cloth, the fabric was bunched together at the waist and sewn together.  Here is a photo so you can see how this looked:

Wedding Table Skirt

My mother's wedding dress skirt as a table cloth. Photo courtesy of my aunt.

As you can see, because the waist of the dress had to be gathered, the result was a non-smooth top to this table cloth.  No worries, because I used a cake stand for my cake.  The cake stand had tiny little feet that kept the stand about 1/2″ off the table top, and the inside of the stand was hollow, leaving plenty of room for all the gathered fabric.  If you opt to do this project, you also need a cake stand.  Fear not, though, as I can tell you that a cake stand is a very good investment as you can see from this post.  I bought instead of rented one for my wedding, and this stand has been used in 5 weddings and a bridal shower since I wrote that post.  Winning!

This cake table cloth is going to be making another appearance at my sister’s wedding, and it not only looks great, but makes for a really neat conversation piece.  In 30 years or so when I have a daughter who one day wants to get married, I can’t wait to have her use this table skirt.  Or, hmm…maybe I will cut up my dress to make her one.

Wedding Dress Table Skirt

You just have to take another look! Photo courtesy of my aunt.


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  2. I want to make my wedding cake to be purple.

  3. I can’t tell you how much I LOVE that first picture. This is truly a unique idea!

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