Buon Appetito! Family Dinner Time!

Italian Food from italian.food.comWhen my mom and step-dad were married back in the 1990’s, we had an amazing rehearsal dinner at a little family owned Italian restaurant in the town we lived in. I remember the warmth of not only the food but the conversations between people seated at three long tables. Therefore, when my own rehearsal dinner came up, I wanted something similar!

My husband and I technically had a rehearsal lunch with just a few people the week before our wedding. We did want, however, a large family dinner with our two families the night before our wedding. I kept thinking of my parent’s rehearsal dinner, thus I began my internet search.

Where could I find a place that would:

a) hold all these cherished people?

b) serve yummy Italian food?

c) be a place that was not going to break the bank?

d) be near the wedding venue?

There it was: Merone’s Catering. I called and everything came together so beautifully. Turns out that Merone’s Catering, a locally owned business that specializes in event catering and fresh and delicious meals for jet flights (personal jets, that is, such as Air Force One!), was up to the task. They welcomed me to their smaller of two locations with a perfect sitting room for just my guests (about 30 people). Each dish was expertly and lovingly prepared. Giuseppe Merone himself was there to greet my guests and made sure our food was exactly as we wanted.

During our family dinner I looked around and realized we had the warmth of the food, the warmth of the conversations at three long tables, and the warmth of a business that cared as much about my dinner as I did!

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2 Responses to Buon Appetito! Family Dinner Time!

  1. ok NOW im hungry! Great shot!

  2. JLa says:

    If you’re able, go eat there! You WON’T be disappointed!

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