Top 10 Tips for an Eco Wedding

Jen Marsden and Ingle & Rhode
Top 10 Tips for an Eco Wedding
by Jen Marsden 

Thinking of an eco wedding? It’s easier than you think! Ethical expert Jen Marsden offers BigFatCake her top 10 tips to green up your wedding and some ideas from her few favorite international wedding suppliers.

Welly boots as planters (pic taken at my daughter's nursery @reflections54) - great wedding centrepiece idea!

1.  Eco wedding planner

A green wedding does not mean you need to compromise on quality. You simply need to discover the right people that can provide the magic for your dream wedding day whilst ensuring a personal and thoughtful touch. Whether you’re looking for caterers, venue hire, bridal attire or ethical engagement rings you can find the perfect green wedding supplier like Ethical Weddings.

2.  Green stationery 

Should you send out paper wedding invitations? It really depends on what you feel is most appropriate to your guests. It’s perfectly acceptable to send e-card invites to your wedding guests these days.

However you can choose a green stationery supplier to assist you with not only the invites but also table settings, wedding albums and journals. There are beautiful bespoke options from plenty of handmade and recycled paper companies such as cherrygorgeous and Indipaper.




Master craftsman at Ingle & Rhode

3.  Ethical wedding rings

Your wedding rings will be with you for a lifetime and is a worthwhile investment. Choose a custom-made engagement ring with non-conflict diamonds. Whilst there are still problems with sourcing precious gems and metals, there are a handful of ethical jewelers that provide luxurious wedding rings without the headache.

Jewelers like Ingle & Rhode have transparent sourcing and standards in all its hand-crafted creations. They also offer Fairtrade gold wedding rings, due to the recent Fairtrade gold certification that ensures small-scale and artisanal miners receive fair wages in good working conditions.


4.  Bridal gown

Lucy Tammam Designer Auriel Med credit to Miroslav Zaruba photography

Go eco chic with all your bridal attire by selecting from the many luxurious organic fabrics on offer, including silks, cottons and recycled lace.

Sourcing fabrics that adopt traditional techniques, such as handloom and hand block printing are better for the environment – and you don’t even need to do all research as there are designers that already do it for you! Designer Lucy Tammam provides sumptuous bridal couture with fabrics manufactured by fair trade suppliers in India and Nepal.

5.  Pampering

Can you really green up the universal ritual of the wedding morning: the hair and make-up session? Yes you can!

There are so many eco-considerate options available – with everything from organic salons and spas to organic hair care products, make-up and even eco nail polish for DIY beauty, you can still enjoy the pampering you deserve.

6.  Venue

Your venue is a key consideration for a green wedding as everything else thereafter usually falls into place. Think about where most of your guests are travelling from as not only will your guests save money paying for hotels and transport but it’s also much greener. Why not encourage car-sharing too?

Subject to the weather, you might choose to have an outdoors wedding in botanical gardens, a local park or woods. Rather than use plastic tents, go for the increasingly popular yurts, a traditional nomadic structure from central Asia.

Getting hitched in a beautiful historical home can allow you to contribute to local conservation and restoration work. Many historic buildings have beautiful organic vegetable gardens within their grounds for considerate food sourcing.

7.  Food

Talking of food – it’s very easy to just let your caterers get on with it. However do ask your caterers to source their food more locally – perhaps give them a list of nearby organic farms – and try to select your wedding reception cuisine with the ingredients of the season.

Do a little research to see if there are any unique varieties of local vegetables so that your guests can enjoy an exclusive Slow Food feast!

8.  Booze

A wedding is bound to have quite a few bubbles in it! When you make the booze order, go for hand-crafted beers from local micro-breweries and select your bubbly and wines from considerate and quality vineyards. You can even include delicious organic and Fair Trade certified rum and other spirits to gain some extra merriment!

9.  Table Décor

Decorate your tables with more natural details, such as pebbles, shells, feathers, driftwood – you name it. Biodegradable items are often easier to clean up afterwards. Find a local florist who can provide seasonal and native flowers for you. Create striking centerpieces with single stem flowers, such as calla lilies. Decorating with green foliage might also help keep your wedding budget in check.

10.  Honeymoon

Where should you go to wind down after your wedding? It’s no mystery that romantic hideaways can be found closer to home. That said you might want to fly away into the sunset or venture into the wilderness! Selecting a responsible tailor made travel company will ensure that you can travel in your own, personal style. How about an eco lodge on a beach, in the mountains or the jungle to tickle your fancy?

Here’s to a glam, gorgeous and green wedding day!

About our guest blogger

Jen Marsden is a highly informed ethical expert and author of the Green Guide for Weddings and is supporting international luxury ethical jeweler Ingle & Rhode. Whether you’re going for a traditional white wedding, a lavish ‘do’ or a very personalized and unique affair, Jen has the lowdown to make it glam, gorgeous and green!

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