Star Trek Grooms Cake

For the Star Trek geek!

My college friend was delighted to get a surprise groom’s cake from his newlywed wife! Yes, I went to a geeky college but anyone can be a Star Trek fan. :P

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7 Responses to Star Trek Grooms Cake

  1. Kelly says:

    OMG! Nerd out! (readjusting my non existent glasses) I LOVE that groom’s cake. I would have to have the piece with the badge. “Beam me up!”

  2. Christine says:

    haha, @Kelly – I asked my friend what your comment was about and he responded, “You have to be a Trekkie to understand.” I’m obviously not in the Trekkie circle.

  3. Anthony says:

    Magnificent! What a great idea!

  4. Christine says:

    Not only was the cake cool to look at, but it was yummy, too. For those that will get married in New Orleans, try out this vendor: Gambino’s.

  5. ha ha ha! I love this cake! What an endearing gesture for a wife to give. Speaking as someone who is both engaged to a Trekkie, and is one herself, this is a fairly accurate representation as well. Truly wonderful…makes me want to make one for my man. :)

  6. Mel Gibbs says:


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