Pre-Wedding Madness

Oh, Baltimore...why do you have to be so far away? (Photo Source:

Howdy BFCers! I’m so excited to blog and share my wedding planning journey (including the ups AND the downs).  From the title of my post, you might anticipate reading about the days and hours leading up to our ceremony, the scrambling together of last-minute DIY projects, or maybe a random vendor mix-up. Unfortunately, you might be disappointed…we aren’t there…at least not yet.

Our current situation is this – I have lived in Northern Virginia for the past 13 years, and my fiance, Mark, grew up here. Mark and I started dating in early 2011, and in June of that year, I got a job in Baltimore. It was WAY too soon in our relationship to have the, “Where do you see this going? Wanna move to Baltimore?” discussion. That said, I had a pretty good feeling that this relationship WAS going somewhere, and moving (even if only an hour north) might somehow change that. So I sucked it up, and have been commuting to Baltimore 4 days a week. Sometimes the commute is 55 minutes…sometimes it is an hour and 55 minutes. One time it was three hours and 15 minutes. Not a joke.

The good news is, obviously, the relationship DID end up going somewhere, as we are getting married this September. All is well that ends well – so why the “pre-wedding madness?” Well, Mark and I have been having the co-habitation discussion for quite some time now, and we narrowed our search to Silver Spring, Maryland, for various reasons. Over Christmas, we found the perfect house online in our budget! So what happened next? Over the course of seven days we: (1) interviewed potential real estate agents, (2) hired a great one, (3) got pre-approved for a loan by our fantastic loan officer, (4) drove around the neighborhood (read: stalked our favorite house) and the owner invited us inside for a tour, (5) made an offer, and (6) signed a contract! Tired yet? We sure are!

All of that said…YAY FOR US! We close on the house next week and will slowly begin moving our stuff in. I am so excited to take this next step with Mark and to make our house a “home!”

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3 Responses to Pre-Wedding Madness

  1. Christine says:

    Welcome Kelly! It will be fun to follow your engagement. Happy Blogging! :)

  2. Congrats! Buying a house, getting married, and moving to a new town. I would be tired too. Keep blogging your story!

  3. Kelly says:

    Wow! Sounds like you are delving into the two major stressful situations – planing a wedding and buying a house.

    Drink lot’s of camomile tea, eat lots of almonds and remember, the sun will come up tomorrow.

    Congratulations!! All the best.

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