Amazing Race Wedding Shower

I’m so excited to share my wedding adventure.  I decided for my first post, it will be fun to talk about the shower that my fantastic bridesmaids threw for me.  They know that I am not the type of person that will enjoy a typical shower with cutesy games, so they decided to make it more appropriate for my adventurous personality.

The shower was a co-ed event themed “An Amazing Race”.  Everyone that was participating in the race showed up at my house at 2:00 and broken into teams of two.  After receiving our maps of the race course with a list of our tasks, we were given a brief overview of the rules and scoring.  Then the race was on!

The Amazing Race Wedding Shower required that the groom wear a birdcage veil before walking into Harris Teeter to perform his challenge.

Our first task was to create a veil or bowtie – using the supplies that were provided – to wear throughout the entire race.  Once I had on my bowtie and my fiancee had made his birdcage veil (yes, he wanted to wear a veil), we could choose the order of our next three tasks:  1) Play cornhole until we reached 10 points, 2) Dig through a baby pool of rice to find wedding bands that needed to be worn for the remainder of the race, and 3) Go to the barn across the street to find hidden cupcakes.

Once all the tasks around my house were completed, we got in our cars to complete various tasks around town.  Balloons had been tied around the race course that we were supposed to collect because they were filled with “jewels” that contributed to our final score.  We then went to a local grocery store to find the aisle number and price of a list of very obscure and hard to find items.  It was so much fun running around the store with the other teams in our veils and bowties.  The big ticket item ended up being “The Last Unicorn” DVD that each team was strategically hiding around the store to throw the other teams off.  So much fun!

After the grocery store, we had to locate and photograph one of the bridesmaid’s cars they had hidden in a shopping center, go to a fast food restaurant and get a condiment packet (extra points if it was different from the other teams), go to a local restaurant and find/photograph a horse, get two fortune cookies from a local chinese restaurant (the girls actually took the fortune cookies to the restaurant so we weren’t taking the restaurant’s actual merchandise), and find/photograph a Mini Cooper.

There were a few bonus tasks such as photographing a wild animal or planking in a creative location.  Some of my favorites the teams came up with were: planking on top of the Mini Cooper, planking on a grave, and planking on top of construction equipment.

Planking on construction equipment

After we all got back and the scores were tallied, Nick and I were the winners!  The girls were pretty confident we would win since we are so competitive (and maybe since they were doing the scoring – wink, wink), so they made us a trophy to satisfy my love of winning trophies!

Winners of the Amazing Race Wedding Shower!

We were joined by the rest of our friends who couldn’t make it to the race and enjoyed a fantastic afternoon sitting outside having a BBQ.  Overall, I would have to say it was the best shower ever!


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