Running of The Bride

As a kickoff to bachelorette weekend, we decided to start with a mud/obstacle run.  Four of my closest girlfriends and I signed up for the Armageddon Ambush at Wicomico Motorsports Park in Maryland.  I bought a 1980’s style wedding dress and the girls bought bridesmaid’s dresses at thrift stores.

We arrived at the park and were immediately inundated with people wanting to take our pictures and asking why we were dressed the way we were.  There was so much excitement about our idea and we got so much attention, it made the experience so much fun before the race even began.  As the race started, the announcer sang “Here Comes The Bride” as the girls carried my train and we were doused in blue color.

We had a fantastic time climbing over obstacles as the rest of the race participants cheered for us.  Climbing over some of the obstacles was quite challenging with the long dress and train, but that just added to the fun!





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2 Responses to Running of The Bride

  1. Woovow says:

    What a fun wedding, the running bride is beautiful and I can see the brilliant light on her face!

  2. Talya says:

    Dear Shonna,

    My name is Talya and I’m the Project Manager for The Civilians—the center for investigative theater in NY that conducts real life interviews and turns them into theater and multimedia projects.

    We’re excited to be launching a new interview-based project exploring the surprising, funny, remarkable side of Weddings in America. We came across your story here at Big Fat Cake and felt you had an interesting story/wedding that we’d love to talk to you more about–more specifically, this cool obstacle course you did in a wedding dress. Would it be possible to talk briefly on the phone next week about more details of our project and your story?

    We’ve started reaching out to conduct interviews across America and our investigation will include interviews from all demographics, cultures and sexual-orientations with real-life couples, wedding guests, vendors, officiants and others about weddings.

    The Civilians have used interviews to create shows about the environment, death and the afterlife, the Occupy movement, LGBTQ issues, and many other significant issues our world is faced with today. To find out more about The Civilians and our investigative theater work you can visit us at

    We are looking forward to hearing from you! Thanks so much!

    The Civilians

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