A very civil ceremony

Hello from San Francisco!  I recently moved here for work (temporarily) to support my current project, and I’m working on getting settled in.  For me, a major part of that is watching every single On Demand program available:  “Bridezillas,” “Say Yes to … Continue reading »

A cake-person, 5 feet tall


Those who know me understand that I’m obsessed with certain foods, like french fries.  The general category of “dessert” runs a very close second to those delicious fried potatoes, and I’m especially enamored with cakes.  I’ve been known to eat them for … Continue reading »

Metal Mother blog

Sassy Invitations

I have to share this with everyone – I just came across the second coolest wedding invitations I’ve ever seen!  If you’re wondering, first place belongs to Nat and her awesome DIY invites (parts one and two), thank-you notes and programs. This … Continue reading »


No stress, no mess

Fact: Your perfect day won’t be perfect. At least, it won’t go off without a hitch.  But guess what – now you know, so there’s no point to stress yourself out!  Barring any major disasters like a cake falling on the floor … Continue reading »

Same color dresses, different necklines. Courtesy InStyle.com

Picking out bridesmaid dresses

“And you’ll definitely be able to wear it again, isn’t it great?!” This is one of the most common phrases every bridesmaid hears regarding the dresses selected for the bridal party.  Is it true?  Well, it’s not often true, but it’s been … Continue reading »


It’s all about the Benjamins….or is it?

They say money makes the world go ’round and that you can never have enough.  The same principle applies to weddings – if you don’t budget realistically and determine your absolute spending limits, you can find yourself spending lots of money on … Continue reading »


Bust a move!

So I’m sitting in front of my computer, listening to my Air Supply station on Pandora and I find myself imagining my first dance when I get married.  Anybody who’s seen me dance (and I’ve tried to limit the damage) knows that … Continue reading »

Bridesmiad Bouquets

Bouquets In Bloom – Variations on a Theme

With Spring well upon us, I can’t help but notice the sudden burst of color with flowers blooming everywhere.  I love love LOVE flowers and experimenting with arrangements – I like to try pairing unexpected varieties and colors to make a statement.  … Continue reading »

Credit: Zela (www.sxc.hu)

He asked, you said “Yes!” Now what?

He got down on one knee, looked deep into your eyes, and asked you to spend the rest of your life with him.  You didn’t hear the rest because you were blinded by the dazzling brilliance of the bling he put on … Continue reading »


Always a Bridesmaid?

I have a lot of experience with weddings. I’ve never been married, but I’ve been part of enough special days to know how the lucky couple got to that point.  Other than say “I do,” I’ve done it all – from choosing … Continue reading »