About Auschick

I'm an Australian girl who grew up in the state of Tasmania and moved
over 10,000 miles to Northern Virginia, USA in 2005. I met my husband
a few short months after moving here. We started dating a couple of
months after that, then 2 years later he proposed! 10 months later we
were hitched :-)

We got married in November 2008. He's Chinese American so we had two receptions - one in Northern Virginia (which featured some Australian style in it), and one the following week in Chinatown, NYC.

I love to design, organize, write, and share, so this blog is a great
way for me to mesh all those "loves" together. Some day I hope to
start my own wedding stationery design business, but for the moment I just do a few designs on the side for friends. I'm a huge believer in
being yourself, doing it yourself, and having fun! I hope my
experiences and tips help you to have an absolute blast at the biggest
party you will (probably) ever throw in your life!

Blue, Black and White Wedding Invitations

Last October, I designed a wedding stationery suite for a bride looking for a clean, elegant black and white design.  Her mom freaked out a bit about straight black and white, so we added blue in as well.  I was so happy … Continue reading »

Photo Credit: Lunar Ink Invitations

Rules of Engagement (Parties)

Every now and then, I’m invited to an engagement related event where the host commits a major faux pas that grates against my Miss Manners expectations.  Now, I’m all about changing the rules on how things are traditionally supposed to be done, … Continue reading »

DIY Invitations: Blue & White Petal

Wow, it’s been a while! With the wedding season in full swing, I’ve been rather busy lately.  Recently I put together this invitation set for my friends Benjamin and Stephanie who are getting married at Ceresville Mansion this summer. The photo doesn’t … Continue reading »


Sale: Bluedotpapershop Closing Down

Hi everyone – it’s been a while! So I have some sad news – my favorite paper shop, BlueDotPaperShop, is closing down :-(.  BUT, to every downside, there is always a plus – for any brides going the DIY route, this is … Continue reading »

Toilet Paper Bride Contest

The Cheap-Chic Wedding’s annual toilet paper wedding dress competition brings that popular bridal shower game to a whole new level! Some of the creations some people come up with using just toilet paper, glue, tape and thread are just incredible.  You have … Continue reading »

DIY Embroidered Wedding Invitations

Holy moly, these hand embroidered and painted invitations are amazing! The artist, Anna Bond, hand stitched and painted the design, then scanned and printed it for the invitations.  Amazing! (via Craftzine)

Getting Married at 71

Hi Everyone! For the last couple of weeks I’ve been visiting family in Australia – hence the MIA-ness. While I was there, I had the privilege of attending my grandfather’s wedding! That’s right – at the ripe old age of 71, my … Continue reading »

DIY Weddings: Get Your Sew On!

During the month of February, Sew, Mama, Sew! shared various sewn wedding (or “love”) related items. Very inspiring to any brides out there who love to sew! Here’s a sampling of my favorite projects:

And here's what the front looks like.

DIY: Lace Invitation Tutorial

<question> My daughter would like to incorporate black lace onto her invites, any suggestions? We can certainly visit M&J trimmings in NYC. We also have local material places near us in Nyack, NY. Do I print the verbiage onto good linen paper, … Continue reading »

Macaroons: the new cupcake?

I got married in 2008 and arranged for a friend of mine to make a tower of cupcakes for our wedding rather than a traditional wedding cake.  I’ve just started seeing a new trend emerging – the Macaroon.  While I haven’t personally … Continue reading »

Weddings: What happens when it snows?

As my weekend travel plans get canceled due to the impending blizzard, it has me wondering: what happens to a wedding when it *really* snows? Our last major snow storm also was on a weekend (December 19, 2009), so inevitably there were … Continue reading »

Jeff & Erin’s EPIC Video Save the Date

Just saw this video save the date this morning.  Apparently it’s a growing trend, but since the couple took their video down from YouTube, it tells me that if you want to keep your wedding gate-crasher free, you might not want to … Continue reading »