About Cait

Where I'm From: I'm originally from Upstate New York, but moved to Arlington, Virginia after graduating from school and love the (almost) snow-free winters!

Marital Status: Single, but enjoying all of my friends' engagements and marriages.

Day Career: I started out in recruiting for a large consulting firm and then recruited myself for a position in IT Customer Relationship Management consulting, which was the best hiring decision I made.

More About Me: Although I haven't been in 27 weddings like Katherine Heigl in 27 Dresses, I have been to a lot of weddings. I found that I love the small details of a wedding and all the thought and creativity that goes into one. I enjoy helping out family and friends with ideas, planning, and all the do-it-yourself crafts. I somehow am always involuntarily volunteered to help with those last minute programs and table placecards! Besides weddings, I love traveling, window-shopping, and drinking a nice glass of wine after a long day at work.
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“Preliminary Research”

This upcoming weekend kicks off my wedding planning!  Although I’ve set the date, booked the church and reception venue, I haven’t “officially” decided anything else. I’ve scoured weddings websites, bridal magazines, and even tried on a few wedding dresses – all in … Continue reading »

(My mom got these M&M's made for our engagement weekend!)

1 more to add to the list

So with my last post (back in April!), I was gearing up for all of the weddings we’re invited to this summer; however, I now have one more to add to the list to gear up for… MY OWN!  My now fiancé, … Continue reading »

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So ready for wedding season!

Hey BFC readers – remember me?! After taking some time off to move to a new city and start a new job, I’m back to divulge all my wedding experiences and any tips I hear along the way! With warm weather finally … Continue reading »

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Changing your Name the Online Way

I was driving home from work yesterday, and heard an advertisement on the radio about a website called MissNowMrs.com. I checked it out and it seems pretty legit and could potentially save you a lot of headaches! For around $30 MissNowMrs.com takes you … Continue reading »

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Your Wedding Date Horoscope

If you haven’t set your date yet, this might help in making your decision! Check out your wedding date horoscope at horoscopes.aol.com and see what’s in store for your big day

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Hitched Salon Bridal Sample Sale!

Hitched Bridal Couture and Creative Planning Salon in Washington, D.C. is having an online sample sale. Their website has a variety of dresses and shoes on sale that are up to 70% off! Most of the gowns come in bridal size 10, … Continue reading »

Jill's Ring

V-Day Engagement Ring Pic

My friend Jill that I studied abroad with in college recently got engaged and posted this picture of her engagement ring on Facebook. It was such a great pic, I just had to find out how she came up with such an … Continue reading »

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VW- Spring 2010 Collection

I am loving the Vera Wang Spring 2010 bridesmaids dresses. The airy tissue organza, the ruffled layers and sashes, and the crinkled chiffon make this collection one of my absolute favorites. I would have posted all of the dresses if I could, but … Continue reading »

Source: hgtv.com Talk about drama! This arrangement is actually fairly simple when you follow the steps, but the overall effect is definitely memorable. With more votives placed on the tables, this centerpiece would be stunning.

Homemade Centerpieces

To save some money on her wedding budget, my friend is planning on making her own floral arrangements and centerpieces. She was talking about possible ideas the other day and since her wedding is not until the fall, she has plenty of … Continue reading »

flower embellishment

Bridesmaid Dress Embellishments

  One trend I’ve noticed this year is having embellishments added to bridesmaid dresses. Whether it’s an extra flower added to the back of the dress, a small broach pinned to the neckline, or different colored sashes wrapped around the waist, embellishments … Continue reading »

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Transforming Blank Slates

While searching for ideas, I came across this website called taylorcreativeweddings.com. They have super modern and ultra-hip furniture collections that you can rent for your wedding. They work with the brides, vendors, or wedding planners and transform blank slates into designer rooms. … Continue reading »

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Drink Displays

I love going to weddings and seeing what creative ways the drinks or glasses are displayed.  I came across a few websites that offer short-term rentals of canoes, boats, wagons etc. for weddings and other parties.  To give you an idea, check … Continue reading »