3 to Go, Answer This Poll

I’ve been so remiss in posting, so my apologies! We are three days away from the BIG DAY. The great thing about being so close is that most costs are finalized, and there are no more big surprises. I know, I’m cheap, … Continue reading »

grace and joe

Ordering Our Big Fat Cake

A lot was accomplished yesterday! We met with the bakery that’s going to make our cake, and we also met with a videographer that we think we’ll hire. First, we had our cake tasting and ordered our wedding cake. If you’re a … Continue reading »


Trip Planning

A cautionary tale for you ladies. When the missus and I booked our honeymoon, we checked the expiration dates of our passports, and thought we were good to go. However, in reading the fine print in the various Tahiti travel guides, we … Continue reading »

bora bora

What a Journey!

Our honeymoon is booked! After a long (seemingly) process, we’re very happy to say that we’ve made our dream trip a reality (at least in terms of paper tickets). It was a long process because it took a lot of maneuvering to … Continue reading »

Source: New York Times

Wedded Bli$$

Just read an article in the NYT about a Korean wedding custom. Apparently, “Before entering the wedding hall, guests line up in front of the cashier’s table to hand over an envelope stuffed with cash. The cashier opens the envelope and registers … Continue reading »

Las Vegas

Bachelor Party Crashers

Geez. So Bachelor Party #1 has been scheduled. I’m going to Vegas with my buddies in January, and we’re going to check out the cultural icons and natural habitats of that quiet town. I’m really excited – I will definitely bring a … Continue reading »


Honeymoon Costs Over the Moon?

What’s a good amount/percentage to budget for the honeymoon? The missus-to-be and I have to date focused mostly on the wedding itself, and while we had some ideas on where we wanted to have rough, romantic, just-tied-the-knot sex, we didn’t really look … Continue reading »

Bearing Sole(ly)?

The missus-to-be and I have old cousins. Well, mine are more so than hers, but essentially, we do not have access to cute little boys and girls to be our flower girls and ringbearers. We do have close friends who have an … Continue reading »

Not really my finger. My hand is much more effeminate.

Allergic to Marriage?

My fiance came back from Taiwan recently, with our wedding bands in tow. I tried on the one for me, and did some “stress tests” to see if the ring was a good fit (basically shaking my hand to see if my … Continue reading »

Platinum also

Male Banding

This topic has been covered somewhat before in Mel’s post about wedding rings, but I’m here to give you the guy’s perspective, and my own experience. The missus-to-be is in Taiwan for vacation, and part of her trip includes shopping for our … Continue reading »

too tired

Wedding Night Festivities

To be honest, up until a few years ago, I never thought what I’m going to ask was a legitimate question. That is, until my friends started to marry and I heard their stories, and stories of their friends. So… On your … Continue reading »

Walking (?) Down the Aisle

Everyone wants a memorable wedding. This entrance, though, probably ranks way up there as one of the most creative/coolest things I’ve seen. The even cooler thing is I work with a guy who’s friends with these people. JK Wedding Entrance Dance