Pew Decor: Wreaths, Cones, Poms and more!

So recently I decided to pick some pew decor options… in my venue, there’s about 20 pews on each side (40 total) down the center aisle. The picture below is from  another person’s wedding I wanted to possibly decorate every other pew … Continue reading »

flowers on skewers2

Paper Flower Throw Bouquet

So while I was at my Better-Than-Martha-Stewart friend’s house I decided to delve into her craft box and make these origami flowers (some say lilies, some say tulips, some say irises… I don’t know). Anyhow, I followed video instructions from here: www.instructables.com/id/Make-an-origami-Tulip/ I … Continue reading »

FYI: Bridal Party T-Shirt Giveaway Contest!

Just wanted to give a shout-out to all of the brides or bridesmaids out there… there’s a t-shirt giveaway contests going on every week at www.bridalpartytees.com Here are the details: You can enter every week! Come back each week to enter for … Continue reading »

giant cupcake2

Cake vs. Cupcake

My venue is going to charge me cake cutting fees This would include the cost of us cutting the cake and then the wait staff serving it to all of our guests. My solution? CUPCAKES. I love baking and more importantly, I … Continue reading »


Plethora of Paper

With our tiny budget of $11,000 and massive 700 guest list, we knew we couldn’t afford to get fancy letter press or embossing or hand calligraphy. So we went with simple 5×7 invites printed on white cardstock that would match our brown … Continue reading »

my ring2

Circle Conundrum

Originally I had simply wanted 2 very thin rings to sandwich my engagement ring– total cost would be about $100. The reason? I like symmetry. But my engagement ring offered a matching wedding band that would be at least another $300 more … Continue reading »

happy BMS

Bridesmaids on a Budget!

The one thing I never understood is why bridesmaids dresses were SO expensive! And why should I force my friends to buy dresses that they may never wear again, that aren’t exactly their style, and that may look atrocious on them. [example … Continue reading »

Source: Michael Clark Photographers

Paparazzi Perfect

My fiance are I are major photo lovers! So photography was the one big budget item other than the venue that we were willing to splurge a little– maximum of $3,000 (~28% of the budget!). Our requirements? We wanted about 9-10 hours of … Continue reading »

Venues in Virginia!

Hi! New blogger here… and the topic is reception venues! When we had started talking about receptions, we dreamed of an outdoor reception with white Christmas lights strung everywhere and lots of candles. Then reality hit. We realized that the table rental, … Continue reading »