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Occasionally, we receive requests from brides, businesses and even individuals who wish to contribute a piece to the blog. We are always happy to receive guest contributions. We can't always promise that every contribution makes it on the blog, but if it does, we'll make sure to let you know. Email us at info@bigfatcake.com if you have any questions about contributing to Big Fat Cake. Thanks for reading and thanks for contributing!

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Invitation

presents Choosing the Perfect Wedding Invitation It’s almost impossible to undo a poor first impression. That’s why choosing the right wedding invitation is so important. It’s the first part of your wedding guests will see, and it sets the tone for the … Continue reading »

Lucy Tammam Designer Auriel Med credit to Miroslav Zaruba photography

Top 10 Tips for an Eco Wedding

Jen Marsden and Ingle & Rhode presents Top 10 Tips for an Eco Wedding by Jen Marsden  Thinking of an eco wedding? It’s easier than you think! Ethical expert Jen Marsden offers BigFatCake her top 10 tips to green up your wedding … Continue reading »

Jen Marsden

Colored Gemstones: The New Wedding Jewelry Trend for 2013

Jen Marsden and Ingle & Rhode present Colored Gemstones: The New Wedding Jewelry Trend for 2013 by Jen Marsden  Ethical Weddings expert Jen Marsden explains why colored gemstones are the hottest trend for 2013 for your wedding jewelry. If the catwalk hasn’t … Continue reading »

Honeymoon Registry

Honeymoon Registries: Are they Worth It?

Honeymoon Registries: Are they Worth It? By Erin Sforza Your honeymoon should be the experience of a lifetime. Whether it is a romantic escape, a thrilling adventure, or a laid back drift into paradise it should always be one thing: unforgettable. These … Continue reading »


A Brief History of the Wedding Dress

presents A Brief History of the Wedding Dress By Cynthia Andrews Modern designs continue to update and modernize the appearance of wedding dresses, and the tradition of wearing them is stronger than ever today. With collections of wedding dresses from retailers like David’s … Continue reading »

wedding rings prevent losing


3 Ways to Prevent Losing Your Wedding Ring by Laura Bejar Wedding and engagement rings are often among a woman’s most treasured possessions. You may have spent hours searching for the perfect ring. Maybe the love of your life surprised you with a ring … Continue reading »



presents Menswear by Natalie Tsang Did you know the original striped tie ran left to right so it crossed the heart to the sword? This is also why the bride always stands to the left of the groom, so in wilder days, … Continue reading »


What’s all the Chuppah About???

presents What’s all the Chuppah About?? by  Michele Schwartz The Jewish wedding canopy, which symbolizes the new home the bride and groom will create upon their marriage, is called the Chuppah (also spelled Chupah, Hoopah, Hupah).  Consider the chuppah the centerpiece for … Continue reading »


Wear Again Bridesmaid Dresses

presents Wear Again Bridesmaid Dresses By Cynthia Andrews As much as the chosen special females in your life are excited to be by your side on your wedding day as your bridesmaids, they probably aren’t looking forward to the costs associated with … Continue reading »


Beach Theme Wedding

presents Beach Theme Wedding by Taylor Briggs There’s nothing like the airy, fresh, carefree atmosphere of a beach wedding! Whether you actually decide to celebrate your big day on the shoreline, or simply choose to add beachy details to your event, you … Continue reading »


Themed Wedding Dress Ideas

The wedding season is upon us once again! I asked our style expert Jacqueline to give me her two cents on themed summer weddings. This period just before summer is always filled with excitement as brides finalize details for their weddings, and … Continue reading »


Giving Gifts That Warm the Heart and Fill the Stomach

presents Giving Gifts That Warm the Heart and Fill the Stomach by Lynn Steinberg Food has a unique way of connecting people. It brings together families and friends, joins people in reminiscing or in experimenting, and is the center of celebrations, memories and … Continue reading »