About Katie

Where I'm From: Rockville, MD

Marital Status: Recently Wed!

Day Career: Jane-of-all-trades at Family Owned Persian Rug Shop (www.jahannandsons.com)

More About Me: In January of 2008, as part of a New Year's resolution to date more (Date in '08!), I went out to dinner with a friend of a friend who turned out to be better than karaoke and macaroni and cheese. Fast forward a couple years, and we are now happily married. The Big Fat Day was in March of 2011, and it turned out better than I could have imagined! This year my sister and my best friend are getting married, so I'm not wedding-free just yet! Hopefully, my ramblings and observations will help you plan your wedding or your friend's. Happy Wedding!
Wedding Dress Table Skirt

Redefining The Table Skirt (Part 3 of 3)

So by now, you’re probably wondering where all that dress actually went?  We had the patch in my dress, and the ring bearer pillow, but there was still plenty of fabric to be used!  After inspecting my grandmother’s gown, we realized that … Continue reading »

Ring Bearer Pillow

A Familiar Ring To It (Part 2 of 3)

In my last post, I mentioned how my mother butchered her wedding dress along with my grandmother’s in order to create something very special for my wedding day.  Patches of both dresses were sewn into my dress, but that was just the … Continue reading »

Wedding Dress Patch

Change of a Dress (Part 1 of 3)

It was never my intention to wear a family wedding gown on my wedding day, and (spoiler alert), I didn’t!  For one thing, my mother and my grandmother were smaller than me in both height and width, and for another thing, I … Continue reading »

Love Stamps

A Diamond is Forever and so are Stamps

Both my sister and my best friend are engaged to be married, and both of them had their birthdays in the last week.  Having been in their shoes, I know that for their birthdays, they are in an awkward gift receiving situation.  … Continue reading »

Bath Salts

Cheap Jars, Classy Favors

From the beginning, I knew I wanted to give out jars of honey as my wedding favor.  Honey is a part of the traditional Iranian wedding ceremony, symblozing a sweet life ahead of you, so as a nod to my culture (and … Continue reading »


$50 and a Ladder

My dear Nana used to joke constantly to the unmarried females in my family that weddings were unnecessary, and all one needed was $50 and a ladder.  In the olden days, the $50 was needed to cover travel expenses and a marriage … Continue reading »

Bridesmaid Dress

Buy the Bridesmaid Dress

I really love the Bridesmaid Dresses that I picked out.  They were a flattering, floor-length, teal number that looked lovely on the bridesmaids and excellent in the photographs.  But, I’m not kidding myself.  THEY WILL NEVER WEAR THESE AGAIN.  In fact, I’m … Continue reading »

America's Test Kitchen

Recipe for a Great Registry

In all honesty, when getting married, Lucky Kris and I really needed nothing but each other and enough food to feed all the guests at our wedding.  However, that being said, because our guests were so generous but also a bit clueless … Continue reading »


Unique Venue for Bridal Shower

A recent bachelorette party I attended started off beautifully with a fun and tame event at Brush ‘N Blush in Georgetown (don’t worry, there was plenty of optional debauchery later).  Anywho, we had a splendid night at this unique venue that offers … Continue reading »

Candy Centerpiece

Candy Centerpieces

There are many alternatives to flowers for your big day, and in most cases, non-flower centerpieces can save you a bundle.  These centerpieces were made by my mother dearest for my sister’s high school reunion.  The colors were red, white, and blue, … Continue reading »

Custom Hanger

Bridal Shower Gift!

I love love love this custom wedding dress hanger.  It is so adorable, but completely unnecessary.  And, if us brides know anything, we know there isn’t a dime to spare for anything unnecessary (except, you know, for an entire wedding!).  But, there … Continue reading »

Post-Wedding Hair

What to do with your Wedding Hair

Like most women, I grew my hair out for my wedding day.  I wanted long, luscious locks in my wedding pictures, and put up with the heat, weight and annoyance of unusually long hair for a long time in order to achieve … Continue reading »