About Katie

Where I'm From: Rockville, MD

Marital Status: Recently Wed!

Day Career: Jane-of-all-trades at Family Owned Persian Rug Shop (www.jahannandsons.com)

More About Me: In January of 2008, as part of a New Year's resolution to date more (Date in '08!), I went out to dinner with a friend of a friend who turned out to be better than karaoke and macaroni and cheese. Fast forward a couple years, and we are now happily married. The Big Fat Day was in March of 2011, and it turned out better than I could have imagined! This year my sister and my best friend are getting married, so I'm not wedding-free just yet! Hopefully, my ramblings and observations will help you plan your wedding or your friend's. Happy Wedding!
Oriental carpets make for an amazing, unique aisle runner.  Borrow one from your great aunt or cousin's cousin.  Photo by Hay McKenna Photography

A Real Runner for the Aisle

I was practically born in my family’s Persian rug shop. (shameless plug: www.jahannandsons.com).  I work there now, where my title is Princess of the Carpet Store.  I digress…  But anyway,  as a result, when deciding on my wedding ceremony decor, I poo-pooed … Continue reading »

Save The Date

Savvy Bride’s Save-The-Date

Just have to share this awesome save-the-date from a savvy bride in Rochester, NY.  Going with a playful theme, this bride spelled out her save-the-date using Scrabble.  Also, she was a logistical genius, and had this photo taken during her engagement photo … Continue reading »

ticket sales

The Thought Had Crossed My Mind, But…

I really thought that wedding planning would be a complete snap because – not to toot my own horn but – I was a party planning Diva in college. Difference between a fancy soiree in college and a wedding? Ticket Sales!!!!! I … Continue reading »

Bride Jumper

Don’t Waste the Pretty!

A jilted bride who attempted to leap to her death was saved by local officials. At 22, she probably thought a broken engagement days before a wedding was the end of the world, but it probably was in actuality a lucky break. … Continue reading »

Harpist Mary-Margaret Jones

Harping on the Harp! Love it! Get one! Listen to me! I’m right!

My wedding ceremony featured a harpist, Mary-Margaret Jones, who was out-of-this-world awesome. I know what you’re thinking, a Harp is super classy and fancy, so it must be prohibitively expensive, but let me tell you otherwise. In my search for ceremony/cocktail hour … Continue reading »

Keepsake Tile

Tile with Style

You may remember from an earlier post that I bravely decided to print my own invitations. Despite the headache and the endless misprints, the invitations turned out quite well and saved me a lot of money. However, the one regret I had … Continue reading »

Table Numbers

DIY Project Your Groom Can Do!

Let me be clear here, I did not do one lick of last minute DIY. Nothing. There were too many details, too much family, too much craziness for me to be putting hydrangeas and river rocks into jars the morning of my … Continue reading »

We Want Prenup

In the month leading up to our wedding, Lucky Kris and I got a (Ahhh!) Prenuptial Agreement. In some couples, I know that the very mention of a prenup would end a courtship, but I think a very excellent case can be … Continue reading »

Cake Stand

Have Cake Stand, Will Travel

In an earlier post, I mentioned that as the first family member to get hitched, I am starting with a clean slate, sans wedding stuff. My sister, Bridesmaidzilla (just kidding, she was wonderful, but I will call her this in the blog), … Continue reading »

Woman in Wedding Dress Crying in Bathroom

It’s my Wedding, and I’ll Cry if I want to

Like a baby. Oh my goodness! My wedding was this past Saturday, and it was a wonderful day! The weather cooperated, everything and everyone was on time, the food tasted good, the people looked great. I couldn’t have asked for a more … Continue reading »

Getting Dressed

Men Can’t Dress Themselves

This is one of the many things that I’ve learned this week, the week of my wedding. I’m getting married on Saturday. Yes, Saturday! The dress has been fitted, the groomsmen and groom are all set (I mean, they have to be, … Continue reading »

Town Danceboutique

We went to Town at my Bachelorette Party!

Literally. My friends took me to Town Danceboutique, a premier gay men’s danceclub in Washington, DC for my bachelorette party. We went for the weekend drag show, which is every Friday and Saturday evening, and I had a blast. A BLAST! The … Continue reading »