About Mel

Where I'm From: Lived in New York City and New Jersey forever but just recently moved to Alabama!

Marital Status: Happily married since August 2009. We met in New York City despite going to the same college and in the same architecture program. New York isn't that big after all.

Day Career: Architect by day. Wedding planner and hobbyist by night.

More About Me: I love arts and design. I like problem solving and especially if it involves hands-on solutions. If you give me a string, paper, and glue, I'll make beautiful flowers or impressive structures. Planning for my own wedding opened up so many opportunities for me to express my artistic side and I hope that our guests were delighted at the touches we added. We were married in August 2009 in NYC but we also have receptions in Alabama and Taiwan! People call me crazy because for fun, I like to run in marathons and recruit friends to run in races with me. GT is a lucky man because I like to cook and bake yummy things.
finished bottles

DIY : water bottle labels

My husband and I have been helping out with my brother-in-law’s wedding lately. This is our latest project: custom water bottle labels. Since the majority of their guests are coming from out of town, the bride’s mother wanted to welcome everyone with … Continue reading »

recipe card

Once upon a pink bridal shower

My brother-in-law is getting married in August! Yay! I have the wonderful privilege to be a part of their wedding as a bridesmaid. As some of you may already know, I love weddings and what I love most about weddings are the … Continue reading »

Lake side Wedding

A Deep South Wedding

Congratulations to Christina and Chris! This is our first time in Northern Alabama. We were there for a wedding of GT’s high school classmate, Christina. She and her now husband, Chris, both live and work in New York City. However, they decided … Continue reading »

Scene 3

It’s a Taiwan photo shoot : Part III

This is a continuation from one of my previous posts: Part I & Part II. We got the digital photos! Just a couple of days ago, GT and I had our third wedding reception. It was held here in Taichung, Taiwan. Although … Continue reading »

From Masa Li Li

It’s a Taiwan photo shoot : Part II

This is a continuation from one of my previous posts: Part I.  The contract prohibited us to bring our own cameras and we have not gotten the digitals yet, so I won’t be able to post any pictures until we get them from … Continue reading »

from www.polkadotbride.com

tying the knot

There are many many stories and cultures that have contributed to the term “tying the knot”.  Whatever it may mean or where ever it may have come from, it has stuck to be associated to mean “getting married” in today’s society.  Here … Continue reading »

from Masa Li Li

It’s a Taiwan photo shoot: Part I

My hubby and I were a bit disappointed that we didn’t get to take many photos together on our wedding day due to the rain. So there was a suggestion for us to take some “hun sha” photos in Taiwan since we … Continue reading »

image from gearpatrol.com

Wedding Rentals: Tableware for Informal and Formal Setting

Recently the question, “what is a charger?” has been brought up frequently in conversations in regards to table settings. I’ve seen a variety of table setting at weddings, from informal to formal. Depending on your wedding venue or caterer, you may need … Continue reading »

The Atrium

Vote: Where to have an Atlanta wedding

So a couple that I know is planning a wedding in Atlanta for next fall.  They have been venue hunting for quite some time now. They’ve seen a few places they absolutely love and a few places that they don’t.  It’s down … Continue reading »

At the place card table

The joining of two flames

Gt and I wanted to incorporate an unity candle ceremony within our wedding as a symbol of love and union. For those who never witnessed a unity candle ceremony, here is a brief description. In the ceremony, close family members (for our … Continue reading »

By saipua

Back to nature placecards

When I was planning our wedding, I’ve been seeing so many images of using fruit as placecard holders. I absolutely loved the idea.  However, we ended up using something that was more suited with our table names. I wanted to share with … Continue reading »

made by Pink Cake Box

cupcake anyone?

Cupcakes have become more and more popular as a wedding cake option. I really love beautiful and innovative designs of cupcake stands I’ve seen lately.  One of my absolute favorites from the New York Metropolitan area is Pink Cake Box. Here are … Continue reading »