About Rye

Where I'm From: Grew up in New York City but have been in the DC Area for 9 years.

Marital Status: Happily engaged since February 2011.

Day Career: DC Government employee.

More About Me: J and I are not the typical couple. We love to find unique things and don't like to do things the way everyone else does it. We're both new to wedding planning so this is all new for us. We're less fixed on tradition and more focused on fun on a low budget. I hope other couples find my blogging helpful to their planning process.

Wedding Lessons – Part 2

CHECK THE CUFFS J and I wanted to provide the groomsmen with dress shirts. Finding their sizes in the same model proved more difficult than imagined. We went to Macy’s and eventually found 4 white shirts of the same designer, fit and … Continue reading »

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Wedding Lessons – Part 1

It’s been 3 months since J and I got married. The first weekend of November turned out to be a beautiful day (albeit a bit cold). Since my bachelor party was the week before my wedding (not to mention that I fractured … Continue reading »

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Out with the Old, in Batches

J and I have been receiving gifts from our registry and it’s been fun and exciting. I don’t know about girls, but I think it helps a guy to realize that a new stage of their life is beginning when you have … Continue reading »

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We are Vending Machines

J and I recently went down to North Carolina to meet with several vendors. We scheduled meetings with two florists, three bakeries, one bartender, one catering company, three restaurants, one DJ, and one photographer. This was over the two days we were … Continue reading »

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A Time (Piece) for Marriage

In certain cultures, the groom receives gifts of a watch and/or a suit. Because the watch and suit are more of a personal taste, many grooms are given the choice to select their own gift. I’ve been given the opportunity to choose … Continue reading »

Small Talk Walks a Big Walk

I’m not a conversationalist. I’ve never felt comfortable having small talk. If I’m around total strangers, my vocabulary shrinks to one or two syllable words (e.g. yes, no, oops, hmm). In the past, I didn’t see much “use” in small talk, but … Continue reading »

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The Great Band Search

All the weddings J and I’ve been to have featured DJ’s, and they have been fun. But both of us feel a live band would be fun and I’m personally hoping we can find one. Unfortunately, our budget for music ($500) is … Continue reading »

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Part 2 (conclusion) – White and Ivory

White and Ivory www.whiteivorystore.com 2 Cardinal Park Dr SE # 201B Leesburg, VA 20175-4401   J was introduced at church to someone who worked at a small jewelry store called White & Ivory. It was near Leesburg Outlet. Upon entering, we saw … Continue reading »

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Part 2 (continued) – Dominion Jewelers and Blue Nile

Dominion Jewelers   Their radio advertisements focus on custom jewelry at half the price of designer jewelry. I was intrigued by the idea of designing the engagement ring so J and I checked it out. It’s a small location with rings on … Continue reading »

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Part 2 (continued)- Brilliant Earth and Charleston Alexander

Brilliant Earth www.brilliantearth.com I eventually found a retailer of lab synthesized diamonds. Brilliant Earth sells these from an ethical/environmental standpoint, not economical. I had been interested since it seemed like lab diamonds might be less expensive, but a price comparison quickly showed … Continue reading »

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Part 2 (continued) – Costco and Diamond Nexus Labs

Costco www.costco.com   Ok, I may be biased because I’m a big fan of Costco, but when we began considering places to look at rings, I immediately remembered that Costco sells jewelry and engagement rings. So I went to their website and … Continue reading »

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Part 2 (continued) – Mervis Diamond Importers

Mervis Diamond Importers 1900 Mervis Way Tysons Corner, VA 22182 www.mervisdiamond.com   Mervis actually provided us with some of the best follow up and service. They didn’t pressure us to buy and they even went the extra distance to order a sample … Continue reading »