About Kelly

Where We're From: Kelly is from Upstate New York, and Mark is from Northern Virginia.
Marital Status: Engaged and getting married on September 21, 2013! We met playing flag football in a recreational sports league.
Day Career: Mark is a web manager for a public television station, and Kelly is an in-house attorney for a sports apparel company.
More About Us: Mark adores pizza, baseball (especially the Washington Nationals!), and history (especially local [DC Metropolitan] history). Kelly has an affinity for her golden retriever, Maddie, Syracuse University basketball, and hooded sweatshirts. We both love road trips, watching sports, and laughing with (and at!) each other!

Pre-Wedding Madness

Howdy BFCers! I’m so excited to blog and share my wedding planning journey (including the ups AND the downs).  From the title of my post, you might anticipate reading about the days and hours leading up to our ceremony, the scrambling together … Continue reading »