About Kimberly

Where We're From: My fiance and I were born and raised in Houston, TX.

Marital Status: Engaged!

Day Career: I am a teacher, and my fiance is a geographic information systems analyst.

More About Us: Our engagement has been a blur! We got engaged in January, and while June seemed like it was eons away at the time, the planning has kept us very busy and time has flown by. We are very much looking forward to our West Coast honeymoon.

Our Unconventional Destination Wedding

From the moment my fiancé and I were engaged, a destination wedding seemed the way to go. We are quiet people who tend to have a few very close, family-like friends, and then many acquaintances. While we wanted to celebrate our love … Continue reading »


The Invitation Dilemma

My fiancé and I have quickly become adept at making quick (yet hopefully sound) decisions. We “hee-hawed” when we first started planning the wedding, wanting to make sure that everything was perfect. We quickly realized, however, that with literally hundreds of decisions … Continue reading »


A Romantic Manly Gift?

Buying a romantic, manly gift can be an oxymoronic task. I set out to find such a treasure for my fiancé last Valentine’s Day. I knew I wanted to find him a sentimental gift for our last Valentines before our wedding, and … Continue reading »