Red Ankle Road I.D.

I.D. Do!

A few months before our wedding, my husband was in a bicycle accident. Thankfully he was not badly harmed, but even my careful bicyclist with his helmet, reflective gear, and watchful eye never saw this accident coming. This event was in my … Continue reading »

Jen Marsden

Colored Gemstones: The New Wedding Jewelry Trend for 2013

Jen Marsden and Ingle & Rhode present Colored Gemstones: The New Wedding Jewelry Trend for 2013 by Jen Marsden  Ethical Weddings expert Jen Marsden explains why colored gemstones are the hottest trend for 2013 for your wedding jewelry. If the catwalk hasn’t … Continue reading »

Wedding Dress Table Skirt

Redefining The Table Skirt (Part 3 of 3)

So by now, you’re probably wondering where all that dress actually went?  We had the patch in my dress, and the ring bearer pillow, but there was still plenty of fabric to be used!  After inspecting my grandmother’s gown, we realized that … Continue reading »

Ring Bearer Pillow

A Familiar Ring To It (Part 2 of 3)

In my last post, I mentioned how my mother butchered her wedding dress along with my grandmother’s in order to create something very special for my wedding day.  Patches of both dresses were sewn into my dress, but that was just the … Continue reading »

Wedding Dress Patch

Change of a Dress (Part 1 of 3)

It was never my intention to wear a family wedding gown on my wedding day, and (spoiler alert), I didn’t!  For one thing, my mother and my grandmother were smaller than me in both height and width, and for another thing, I … Continue reading »

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You’re Such a Square!

Selecting a wedding band for my fiance was a bit trickier than I expected. I had thought that men’s bands were simple: pick a metal, pick a size, that’s it. I was wrong. While style may be simplistic, there are nuances that … Continue reading »

wedding rings prevent losing


3 Ways to Prevent Losing Your Wedding Ring by Laura Bejar Wedding and engagement rings are often among a woman’s most treasured possessions. You may have spent hours searching for the perfect ring. Maybe the love of your life surprised you with a ring … Continue reading »

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Pretty Little Things

Oh Etsy, what a treasure trove of goodies you have! I’d like to share a darling find – allow me to introduce you to IrisJane. IrisJane creates one of a kind earrings in both bridal and whimsical styles. Above is an example … Continue reading »

The winner chose from the Luxe Collection.

10% Off Deal and Winner of Beverly Clark Guest Book!

Congratulations to Laura for winning guest book and matching pen from Beverly Clark‘s Luxe Collection! Beverly Clark offered three choices to the winner in our commenting contest. If you didn’t get a chance yet to look, you should now because Beverly Clark … Continue reading »

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Something Old or Something Timeless?

My fiancé and I both decided that we would like to talk about my engagement ring before he began his planning. One thing that is important to him is sustainability. That got me thinking that perhaps we could reuse something in my engagement … Continue reading »

A Romantic Manly Gift?

Buying a romantic, manly gift can be an oxymoronic task. I set out to find such a treasure for my fiancé last Valentine’s Day. I knew I wanted to find him a sentimental gift for our last Valentines before our wedding, and … Continue reading »

Dyeable Ballet Flat in Orchid

Unforgettable Moments – Designer Shoes at Payless Prices!

A few years ago I decided that wearing high heels just wasn’t for me. I’m fairly tall and work with children, so the added height was not necessary. This was when my love for adorable yet comfortable flats began. I knew I … Continue reading »