A Brief History of the Wedding Dress

presents A Brief History of the Wedding Dress By Cynthia Andrews Modern designs continue to update and modernize the appearance of wedding dresses, and the tradition of wearing them is stronger than ever today. With collections of wedding dresses from retailers like David’s … Continue reading »


Confessions of a Korean Wedding Planner

I wrote this article for an online Korean magazine and got lots of good feedback about the topic. I thought that the Big Fat Cake community would also be interested. I’m including only a trailer so you’ll have to go to KonnectMagazine … Continue reading »

Photo Source: http://www.chinatraderonline.com

A Time (Piece) for Marriage

In certain cultures, the groom receives gifts of a watch and/or a suit. Because the watch and suit are more of a personal taste, many grooms are given the choice to select their own gift. I’ve been given the opportunity to choose … Continue reading »

Paper Crane Centerpiece

DIY Origami Wedding

I went to a lovely multicultural wedding that was chock full of ideas to steal. The bride was an unusually talented woman of Chinese descent with a knack for DIY and a flower arranging class under her belt, and the groom was … Continue reading »

Celebration of Cultures

It’s fun to see how couples incorporate their family cultures into their wedding. Honoring your heritage will also make parents and grandparents happy. Jocelyn and David incorporated many cultural items in their wedding but for this post, I wanted to focus on … Continue reading »

Paebaek Ceremony (Medium)

Celebrate Your Culture

presents Celebrate Your Culture by Amanda When planning a wedding, some of our clients come to us with specific cultural tea ceremony requests from Chinese Tea Ceremony to Paebaek Ceremony (Korean ceremony) to many others. Above is a collage of several Paebaek … Continue reading »


The Other Wedding Gown

If you are Chinese or marrying into a Chinese family, this question must have come across some time during the planning process… Are you going to wear a qipao? It’s always a nice gesture to the grandparents and parents to incorporate a … Continue reading »

Double Happiness Cake

My lucky day

One of the first and most important thing a couple has to decide on when planning a wedding is THE DATE. For me, that was the key to my continued happiness with… my mother. I have been cautiously warned by my sister … Continue reading »

Something old, new, borrowed and blue

It’s been a timeless tradition. Something Old: This is a symbol for the bride’s family and her past before the marriage.  Jewelry is a common “something old”, but some other ideas are handkerchiefs, passed down wedding gowns, wedding veils or other parts … Continue reading »

Elyse & Brad's Wedding

Elyse & Brad’s Wedding

It’s all about destination weddings this year. In June it was San Francisco, then there was Honolulu! The thought of just going to Hawaii was a dream. Now having a wedding in Hawaii, this was heaven. The wedding was held at a … Continue reading »