...and into our tummies.

Chocolate Yum at Epiphany Chocolates

Our friends at Epiphany Chocolates added three new flavors to their holiday collection. They sent a sample to me and I can verify that they are very yummy! Perfect for holiday gifts and wedding favors. I feel really silly though…I was so excited to … Continue reading »

Red Ankle Road I.D.

I.D. Do!

A few months before our wedding, my husband was in a bicycle accident. Thankfully he was not badly harmed, but even my careful bicyclist with his helmet, reflective gear, and watchful eye never saw this accident coming. This event was in my … Continue reading »

Photo Source: http://irisjane.etsy.com/

Pretty Little Things

Oh Etsy, what a treasure trove of goodies you have! I’d like to share a darling find – allow me to introduce you to IrisJane. IrisJane creates one of a kind earrings in both bridal and whimsical styles. Above is an example … Continue reading »


Beach Theme Wedding

presents Beach Theme Wedding by Taylor Briggs There’s nothing like the airy, fresh, carefree atmosphere of a beach wedding! Whether you actually decide to celebrate your big day on the shoreline, or simply choose to add beachy details to your event, you … Continue reading »

Assemble favors with bulk candies and favor bags.

Four Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Favors

presents Four Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Favors by Taylor Briggs It’s wedding planning season for all of you newly-engaged summer brides-to-be! After you book the big things, like the venue, caterer, and band (or DJ!), you’ll have to take care of … Continue reading »

Bath Salts

Cheap Jars, Classy Favors

From the beginning, I knew I wanted to give out jars of honey as my wedding favor.  Honey is a part of the traditional Iranian wedding ceremony, symblozing a sweet life ahead of you, so as a nod to my culture (and … Continue reading »

Source: ValleyMartialArts.com

Semper Fi means Always Faithful

My husband is active duty in the Marine Corps, so we wanted to incorporate some military aspects into our wedding without having a full-on military wedding.  He didn’t want to wear his dress uniform for the wedding, but we added a few … Continue reading »

Photo Source: Paulette Macarons

More Macarons Please!

While driving through the lovely streets of Beverly Hills last weekend, I finally had the chance to try out Paulette’s, a delightful little macaron shop just past all of the ritzy shops.  The vivid hues of their unique macarons are not only … Continue reading »

finished bottles

DIY : water bottle labels

My husband and I have been helping out with my brother-in-law’s wedding lately. This is our latest project: custom water bottle labels. Since the majority of their guests are coming from out of town, the bride’s mother wanted to welcome everyone with … Continue reading »

Photo Source: goossens.com

Chocolate Diamonds

We were pleasantly surprised when a box arrived at our office from Goossens Chocolate and when we opened it, we saw these beautiful sparkling diamonds…that yes, were made out of chocolate!  Not only were they beautiful, but the chocolate tasted delicious too! … Continue reading »

Wedding Favor Ideas

Wedding favors can be a fun gift to give your guests when it speaks personal to the couple. It’s fun to receive a wedding favor that characterizes the couple. Scott and I gave away USB drive wedding favors personalized with our wedding … Continue reading »

Wedding Favors Trend – Is It Over?

Wedding favors were not always part of the American wedding tradition. In fact, when talking to older generations about differences between weddings today and weddings “back in the day,” one of the comments I often hear is that wedding favors were not … Continue reading »