Letter From The President

I sent a wedding invitation to The President and got this as a response.  It is a standard response, but I’m still excited!! The President & First Lady,  The White House,  Greetings Office, Room 39,  1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20502


Running of The Bride

As a kickoff to bachelorette weekend, we decided to start with a mud/obstacle run.  Four of my closest girlfriends and I signed up for the Armageddon Ambush at Wicomico Motorsports Park in Maryland.  I bought a 1980’s style wedding dress and the girls bought bridesmaid’s dresses … Continue reading »


Choosing the Perfect Wedding Invitation

presents Choosing the Perfect Wedding Invitation It’s almost impossible to undo a poor first impression. That’s why choosing the right wedding invitation is so important. It’s the first part of your wedding guests will see, and it sets the tone for the … Continue reading »

Red Ankle Road I.D.

I.D. Do!

A few months before our wedding, my husband was in a bicycle accident. Thankfully he was not badly harmed, but even my careful bicyclist with his helmet, reflective gear, and watchful eye never saw this accident coming. This event was in my … Continue reading »

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Body Glide – Not Just For Athletes!

A few years ago I was out with some friends wearing a sequined top. The top was fabulous, but after a few hours I realized I had rubbed the inside of my arms raw. My bestie was out with me and she … Continue reading »

Bridesmaid Trade

Top Five Tips for Bridesmaids

presents Top Five Tips for Bridesmaids by Kathryn House and Jeanette Park Between our personal experiences as bridesmaids and helping our customers at, we’ve accumulated a wealth of experience about bridesmaiding. Here are our top tips for bridesmaids, both before and … Continue reading »

Happy Thanksgiving

Everyone deserves a little time off from the hustle and bustle of life, dress shopping, and wedding planning. To our dear readers, Christine, myself and the rest of the Big Fat Cake family wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. We hope … Continue reading »


Congratulations Auschick!

Congratulations! We want to congratulate one of our bloggers, Auschick, on a new addition to the family. A baby girl. We wish you, the husband, and your new bundle of joy the very best!


$50 and a Ladder

My dear Nana used to joke constantly to the unmarried females in my family that weddings were unnecessary, and all one needed was $50 and a ladder.  In the olden days, the $50 was needed to cover travel expenses and a marriage … Continue reading »

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Bridal Party Swims with the Fishes

It’s fun friday! It looks like this wedding happened last weekend. And the aftermath: It looked fun to get in a lake with wedding clothes on but I wouldn’t wish this on anyone’s wedding!

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A Time (Piece) for Marriage

In certain cultures, the groom receives gifts of a watch and/or a suit. Because the watch and suit are more of a personal taste, many grooms are given the choice to select their own gift. I’ve been given the opportunity to choose … Continue reading »

Wedding Invitation

Good Places to Print Invitations

<question> Where is a good place to have invitations printed? </question> In my humble opinion, Kinkos will be expensive. In my area, I always refer people to two local print shops here. I often have to tutor the people behind the Kinko’s counter on what … Continue reading »